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Back 4 Blood Survival Tips And Tricks

This wiki guide has all the essential tips and tricks beginners need to survive in Back 4 Blood.

The survival horror Back 4 Blood is out and players are naturally looking for tips and tricks to ensure they complete their runs successfully. Because it is being developed by the original game’s designers and includes virtually comparable gameplay, the game has been dubbed the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. So if you are well versed in Left 4 Dead, then these tips will seem familiar to you. Still, you can refresh your memory with these new tips for new game mechanisms. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Best Survival Tips and Tricks for Back 4 Blood

Back 4 blood survival tips tricks

Based on my experience with the game, here are the best survival tips and tricks for Back 4 Blood that you need to keep in mind.

  • Communication is crucial
  • Straying away from the squad is a death sentence
  • Prioritize your targets and weak spots.
  • Understand damage types
  • Use melee bash
  • Your team should be balanced

Communication is Crucial

The first thing to remember is that a lack of communication will lead to your squad’s demise. Before releasing the horde, discuss and ensure that everyone is healthy and well-armed. Make sure your ammunition types are in sync. Because your allies will all be competing for the same ammo, having all those people utilizing a certain ammo kind can lead you to run out of ammo rapidly. Keep communicating and cooperating, and survival gets a lot simpler.

Straying Away from Squad is a Death Sentence

Back 4 Blood has an AI Director that constantly monitors your behavior and adjusts the difficulty level appropriately. And the game is a team-based game in which you must collaborate with your teammates rather than working alone. Staying alone means you’ll be besieged by hordes fast and no one will be able to assist you. On a similar topic, if you’re running low in ammo, see if anyone on your squad has any extra ammo for a weapon they’re aren’t using.

Prioritize your Targets & Weak Spots

Make sure to eliminate the boss-ridden (zombie) kinds such as Breaker, Giant Ridden, Hag, and even the special-ridden types such as Snitcher, Tallboy, Reeker, and others first. Almost all opponents have weak spots, so be careful to target them because each effective strike will result in more injury. Team members that stay together should flag out all these rare ridden kinds and take them out first, before moving on to the more common ridden types.

Understand Damage Types

Blue health, which is largely gained via the use of painkillers, can help repair trauma injuries, but it is just short. This should diminish by one notch once every moment till it is completely depleted. Trauma damage is black and red damage that cannot be repaired using conventional methods. To treat trauma injury, you must locate a first aid station, which is generally hidden behind supply caches that must be opened with a tool kit. Bandages and medkits can cure solid red wounds.

Use Melee Bash

While you reload, deploy your melee bash ability to shove zombies away from you. Bashing does not interfere with reloading, thus you may shove opponents away while reloading. While you’re reloading, make sure to call out to your squad to cover you for assistance.

Your Team should be Balanced

Back 4 Blood will have eight different Cleaners that may be customized. They also have special powers and advantages. In the lobby, you have the option of choosing which Cleaner you want. When you join a game that is currently in progress, you will be automatically allocated to a Cleaner that is not occupied by another player.

That’s all about the tips and tricks to ensure your survival in Back 4 Blood. While you are here, check out our Back 4 Blood guides on all characters, the card system and how to fix Failed To Create Matchmaking Session and Disconnected From Server issues.