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All Characters In Back 4 Blood

Find all of the characters in Back 4 Blood in this article.

Back 4 Blood has got players excited about the new characters, and with good reason. The game features several important characters that you will either play as or encounter. In this article, we will show you all of the characters.

Back 4 Blood Characters Guide

Check out all of the characters in Back 4 Blood in this article. in this game, human characters are called cleaners, and monsters are called ridden. As of now, you will only be able to play with a limited number of characters as the game is in beta.


As mentioned earlier, the Cleaners are the human characters in the game.


doc 1

  • The Doc is an important character in the game.
  • She can provide Team Trauma Resistance.
  • She can also heal other players who are low on health without having to use any healing items.
  • The Doc also provides more efficient healing when compared to other players.


hoffman 1

  • Hoffman comes with an Item Slot that has an extra offense.
  • He also spawns multiple times when he kills enemies.
  • His entire team features an additional Ammunition Capacity.


mom back blood

  • Mom is another one of the cleaners in Back 4 Blood.
  • She comes with an extra Support slot in the inventory.
  • Mom has the ability to immediately revive a teammate that has fallen.
  • Additionally, all of her teammates start games with an extra life.


walker 1

  • Walker is well-known for having the ability to deal more damage to enemies when compared to other cleaners.
  • He also enhances the health of his teammates by boosting them.
  • You can increase his accuracy with Precision Kills.


jim back blood

  • You can use Precision Kills to enhance the damage that Jim causes in the game. This is similar to Walker.
  • Jim’s presence helps in the provision of a bonus on Weakspot Damage for the entire team.
  • He has an ADS Speed bonus too.


evangelo back blood

  • Evangelo has an improved Stamina Regeneration in the game.
  • His presence causes the team to move much more quickly.


holly back blood

  • When compared to most of the other cleaners in Back 4 Blood, Holly has the best Damage Resistance.
  • She enhances the stamina of other players in her team.
  • Holly’s stamina recovery depends upon how quickly she makes kills.


karlee back blood

  • Karlee is a cleaner with a bonus Quick Slot stored in her inventory.
  • She has the ability to sense Hazards.
  • Karlee gives her teammates a Team Use Speed bonus.


The Ridden are the monsters in Back 4 Blood. They are hideous, gory-looking creatures that you will need to be wary of in the game.


reeker character

  • Just like the name suggests, the Reeker is an unpleasant Ridden in Back 4 Blood.
  • It moves slowly and is extremely large in size.
  • Upon being killed, they explode. While they do so, they knock cleaners back and cover them in a gross, sticky pus.


stinger 1

  • The Stinger can move across several surfaces in the game.
  • They like to lurk and hide in the shadows, often pouncing and taking their victims by surprise.
  • If they do attack you, they will cover you and pin you down with a sticky phlegm.
  • To escape from their clutches, you will need a friend to bail you out with a breakout card.


tallboy 1

  • The Tallboy is an extremely tall and large Ridden that has big arms.
  • You will need to avoid these arms, as they can completely crush you.
  • Despite his enormous power, the Tallboy has weak spots too.
  • His shoulder is one of his weak spots. You should make sure to aim for his shoulder and shoot at it during a battle.


snitch 1

  • The Snitcher is a hideous-looking Ridden that lets out an ear-bleeding screech when it is angered.
  • This screeching call will also attract the attention of other Ridden in the area.


  • The Ogre is a large, terrifying Ridden in Back 4 Blood.
  • It rises out of the ground and destroys anything that comes in its path.
  • While you can beat these monsters with large amounts of ammunition, we recommend you save the effort and flee.


  • The Hag is one of the most nightmarish Ridden in the game.
  • You will need to be wary of it because of the fact that it has a tendency to grab and swallow Cleaners whole.
  • If you spot a friend coming under attack from one of these beasts, you will need to help them out instantly.


  • This Ridden resembles a gorilla. It knocks out Cleaners by sending shockwaves across the ground.
  • It does this by slamming the ground with its huge arms.
  • You will need to defeat this Ridden as quickly as possible because of the potential damage it can influence on you and your friends.


  • Sleepers are dangerous Ridden that you will need to be very careful of.
  • These monsters will lie on walls waiting for their victims.
  • If you walk underneath it, it will pin you down and attempt to destroy you.


  • Just like the name suggests, these Ridden are the most common monsters you will come across in Back 4 Blood.
  • They can be spotted moving in large groups. Commons are easily alerted by the sounds of car alarms or birds.
  • They are only dangerous to humans when they are present in big numbers.

This brings us to the end of this character guide in Back 4 Blood. As you can see, this game will feature two types of characters, the Ridden and Cleaners. Another thing to remember is that since the game is currently in its Beta testing phase, there may be more characters from both types on the way soon. This means you may have the opportunity to play with more characters than those mentioned here when the full game launches.

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