How To Complete Around The Block Challenge In Bitlife

Complete Around the Block Challenge by following this Bitlife guide.

Bitlife Around the Block is a weekly challenge with some bizarre objectives. This strange rewarding challenge is a little time-consuming but is easy to finish. Read along to learn what Around the Block objectives are and how to complete them in this game.

How to Complete the “Around the Block” Challenge in Bitlife

Around The Block Challenge Bitlife

Before starting these Around the Block Challenge objectives, make sure you have purchased a Landlord Expansion Pack from the store. You must have this pack for welcoming tenants into your home and complete the listed tasks.

  • Be born a female in Illinois
  • Rent out 15+ homes
  • Have at least one baby with 10+ tenants
  • Break up with 5+ tenants
  • Murder a spouse via a drive-by

To be born as a female in Illinois, first, create a new character. Select its gender as female. And lastly, choose Illinois as the birthplace. Now, you can focus on the other Bitlife Around the Block Challenge tasks with this character.

How to Rent Out Homes

To rent homes, you must first purchase them. And for that, you will need a hefty amount of cash, so select a high-paying career like Sports or open a business and save money. Once you have saved enough money, start renting out apartments till you finish the second objective of the Bitlife Around the Block Challenge.

  1. Launch the Assets and select Go to Shopping.
  2. Scroll down and choose from Real Estate Brokers.
  3. Tap on the home you want to buy.
  4. Select Buy it with cash or Apply for a mortgage.
  5. Go back to the Assets section and select Properties from Real Estate.
  6. Tap on the home you want to rent. Press the Rent button and hit Post.
  7. You will receive an application.
  8. Keep repeating the steps till you have rented 15+ homes and completed the second Bitlife Around the Block Challenge task.

How to Get Into a Relationship and Breakup in Bitlife

There are several ways to impress tenants: you can compliment them, buy them gifts, and lead conversation with them. Once your relationship has reached a certain level, you can use Ask Out and Hook Up activities. Then after having ten babies, use Break Up option from the Activities and complete the fourth task.

How to Kill and Complete Bitlife Around the Block Challenge

For the fifth task, propose one of the tenants, if you are already in a relationship. This will make the work easier.

  • Now, go to the Activities section and Select Crime.
  • Choose Murder. Pick up your victim and method as Drive By.
  • Press Commit the murder.

That’s all you need to do to complete the Around the Block Challenge of Bitlife. If you found this guide informative, read our other Bitlife articles, like how to have a perfect relationship with pets and become a famous DJ.