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Arcane Odyssey Map – All Locations Guide

Here are all the locations in this Arcane Odyssey map guide.

Arcane Odyssey is the latest Roblox game that is exploding in popularity. While fighting other players and ruling the seas as a clan, you will need to explore to capture new areas. With such a massive overworld in this Roblox game, it is easy to get lost and even overwhelmed. However, we have you covered. Check out all the locations in our Arcane Odyssey Map guide right here.

Arcane Odyssey Map (All Locations)


To make it more convenient, we have arranged all the locations alphabetically. So, without wasting any time, let us dive into our Arcane Odyssey Map guide. Check out all the locations below:

Akursius Keep

Located in the southwest of the Bronze Sea, Akursius Keep is an anomalous island. It actually resembles the abandoned Ravenna fortress. As soon as you set foot here, your character will experience Tier 1 Insanity.

Darkpine Isle

You will find Darkpine Isle in the Northern Bronze Sea. It is located between Frostmill Island and Redwake. It is one of the seven capturable islands in the Bronze Sea. Criminal NPCs called Shipwrights can also be found residing here. And that’s not all, you can also find Pine Cones growing all along the Island.

Dawn Island

Dawn Island is your starting Island in Arcane Odyssey. It is located towards the western side of Redwake. You will spawn here for the first time, on an island that has a heavy thunderstorm over it at all times. The island has a bird ambiance and is also home to a variety of trees.

Elm Island

One of the first Islands that you will be able to access in the game will be Elm Island. It is a small island that is situated in the Northern Bronze Sea. You will also be able to meet Edward Kenton – the quest giver – on this island.

Fort Talos

Fort Talos is the Bronze Legion’s main base in the Bronze Sea. Stay alert as this area is heavily guarded by soldiers. The island also has port cannons that fire at ships nearby. If you beat General Argos, you will have a chance to get the Lance of Loyalty.

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Frostmill Island

Frostmill Island is a mountain range covered with glaciers that are situated at the heart of the Bronze Sea. It is one of the coldest places in Arcane Odyssey and also has criminal activity arising from the likes of Ice smugglers and Brigands.

Harvest Island

Located in the east of Silverhold, is a medium-sized island called Harvest Island. There are two whirlpools inside this island’s large bay. It is also one of the seven capturable islands in Arcane Odyssey.

Limestone Key

Limestone Key is a small island located in the Northern Bronze Sea. You might actually take some time to find this island as it has a Secret Location in Arcane Odyssey. At the southern shore, you will find a shipwreck with chests scattered around it.

Mango Isle

Mango Isle is a tiny island that can be found north of Dawn Island, next to Elm Island. Evident from the name itself, it is the only area where mangoes spawn naturally. You can also find Coconuts and Marjoram herb here.

Mount Othrys

The southernmost island in the Bronze Sea is Mount Othrys. This is the place where players go to get their First Awakening in Arcane Odyssey.

Munera Garden

Located to the north side of Sailor’s Lodge is Munera Garden – a medium-sized island. Peaches grow naturally on this island as well.

Palo Town

Palo Town is a tiny town located on an island in the Bronze Sea. The town mostly comprises of fishermen and merchants from all across the War Seas.

Ravenna in Arcane Odyssey Map

Ravenna is the sixth storyline location in Arcane Odyssey. It has three towns, a mountain, a wilderness area, a castle, and a vast network of mines. This also makes it the largest island in the Bronze Sea.


Redwake is an island in the Bronze Sea that is filled with stone spires. It is an important location during the beginning of the game’s storyline.

Sailor’s Lodge

Sailors Lodge is actually a sea platform located within the Bronze Sea. It is a dwelling place for Shipwrights and Merchant crews from all across the War Seas.

Sandfall Isle

Sandfall Isle is a small desert island in the Bronze Sea. It is located northwest of Ravenna. It is the only place where you can find Prickly pears and Sun caraways naturally.

Shell Island

Shell Island is a large tropical and mountainous island surrounded by a circle of stone spires


The Grand Navy’s first fortress is at Silverhold in the Bronze Sea. It is also the place where you can clear your bounty.

The Forest of Cernunno

The Forest of Cernunno is a medium-sized island found in the southern half of the Bronze Sea located just north of Shell Island. It is home to several Greenwish Cultists including Cernyx.

The Northern/Southern Jaws

The Jaws is a large region in the Northeastern Bronze Sea. It is split into the Northern Jaws and the Southern Jaws. Redwake is located between the two halves, the Stepstones and Whitesummit can be found on the southern end of the Southern Jaws

The Stepstones

The Stepstones is a giant mountain that reaches beyond the clouds. Its location is to the south of Redwake.

Thorin’s Refuge

Thorin’s Refuge is a small island located southwest of Frostmill Island. It is named after a neutral shipwright called Thorin.

Whispering Caverns

Whispering Caverns is an abandoned island located southwest of Frostmill Island. It is also the only place where Giant Greencaps can be found growing naturally.


Whitesummit is an island located east of The Stepstones and is located within the Bronze Sea. It is under the control of the Assassin Syndicate. The island is also a safe haven for outlaws and criminals of the wider Seas.

Wind-Row Island

Wind-Row Island is a medium-sized island in the Bronze Sea located just south of Ravenna. The island is separated by a large valley in the middle. You will also find the Wind-Row Wolves, a group of bandits.

That’s everything covered on this Arcane Odyssey Map guide. We hope you were able to get the location you were looking for. For more guides on the game, head to our dedicated Arcane Odyssey section.