Age Of Empires 4 Best Civilizations Tier List (2023)

Here is all the best civ factions in our Age of Empires 4 (AoE 4) Civilization Tier List.

Our AoE 4 Civ Tier List was overdue to the need for exploring all the best options you get from each civilization or factions. So now with enough time spend on 1v1, 2v2, and other match types we have reached a conclusion. We understand not everyone agrees with this list, but this is what worked best for us. Using the ability in the game where you can directly attack the town center with siege weapons and using longbows to protect them has worked well for us. With that said, here’s our Age of Empires 4 Civilization Tier List with all factions.

Age of Empires 4 Civilization Tier List – All AoE 4 Factions

Here is the best civ or factions in our Age Of Empires 4 Civilization Tier List:

  • FrenchS+ Tier
  • RusS Tier
  • EnglishS Tier
  • MongolsA+ Tier
  • Abbasid DynastyA Tier
  • ChineseB+ Tier
  • Holy Roman EmpireB Tier
  • Delhi SultanateC Tier

AoE 4 Civ Tier List Factions Age of Empires 4 Civilization Tier List


  • S+ Tier
Unique units Arbalétrier, Cannon, Galleass,  Royal Knight
Difficulty 1/3
Period 840-1559 CE
Other Traits Mounted Combat, Mainland economy, Productive Front


  • S Tier
Unique units Lodya Ship, Streltsy, Warrior Monk
Difficulty 2/3
Period 882-1547 CE
Other Traits Druzhina Retinue, Hunter Princes, Woodland Federation


  • S Tier
Unique units Longbowman
Difficulty 1/3
Period 850-1555 CE
Other Traits Defense, Economy, Network of Castles, Defensive Byrig, Island of Agriculture


  • A+ Tier
Unique units Khan, Mangudai, Traction Trebuchet
Difficulty 3/3
Period 1000-1500 CE
Other Traits Aggression, Nomadic, Mobility, Great Dominion, Khanate, Sacred Ovoos

Abbasid Dynasty

  • A Tier
Unique units Camel Archer, Camel Rider
Difficulty 2/3
Period 750-1517 CE
Other Traits Research, Anti-Cavalry, Golden Age, Cavalry Fighters, Pursuit of Knowledge


  • B+ Tier
Unique units Fire Lancer, Grenadier, Imperial Official, Nest of Bees, Palace Guard, Zhuge Nu
Difficulty 3/3
Period 907-1644 CE
Other Traits Dynasties, Gunpowder, Expansion, Fire Medicine, Great Dynasties

Holy Roman Empire

  • B Tier
Unique units Landsknecht, Prelate
Difficulty 2/3
Period 936-1517 CE
Other Traits Infantry, Religion, Defense, Army of the Empire, Influence, Religious Zeal

Delhi Sultanate

  • C Tier
Unique units Fishing Boat, Scholar, War Elephant
Difficulty 3/3
Period 879-1526 CE
Other Traits Military, Research, Defense, Frontier Fortifications, Garden Bounty, Scholarly Culture

That’s everything you need to know about the list of best AoE 4 civ or factions in our Age Of Empires 4 Civilization Tier List. In case you come across a black screen while playing or encounter crashinglagging or FPS drop, then check out our other guides to know how you can fix these issues.

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