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Animal Crossing New Horizons : May Day Tour Guide

May Day!

Throughout the first week of May, Animal Crossing New Horizons is organizing a May Day event where you will be taken to a special island. There, you have to complete a maze to get your prize. Is it easy, tricky or is it like the terrifying maze from Harry Potter? What do you need to do to start the May Day Tour? We will break it down for you.

Read this May Day Tour Guide to know everything there is to know about the May Day Tour Event – how to clear the May Day maze, how to meet Rover, how to reset the May Day maze and more useful information!

How to Reach the May Day Tour Island

Find out how you can reach the May Day maze island from your own island.

  • First, you need to talk to Tom Nook at Resident Services in the first week of May (May 1 to May 7). Find out what the May Day Tour is all about. Then, Tom will give you a May Day Ticket.
  • Then, talk to Orville the Dodo at the airport and inform him that you wish to go on the May Day Tour.
  • Using your ticket, he will send you to a faraway island which you are required to visit empty handed.
  • Upon reaching the island, Wilbur will tell you that the entire island is a huge maze. It’s a ‘navigation tour’ so your main goal is to find your way through the maze. He’ll let you know that if you get stuck, grounded or lost, Rescue Services will reset and restart the maze for you.

How to Complete the May Day Maze

Here’s the Maze Map walkthrough. This will give you tips and tricks to clear and complete the May Day maze easily.

  • When you enter the island, you will see a shovel right in front of you. Pick it up.
  • Now, look at the shrub on your left. You have to dig it up. This will clear your way to a fruit.
  • Eat this fruit for Fruit Energy and dig up the tree in front of you. This will clear your way to the maze!
  • Jump over the holes in the ground and go towards the eastern side where you will find a worn axe.
  • Take that worn axe and go to the tree in the northwest area. Cut down the tree and get to the other side. Collect the fruits.
  • You also need to cut down the tree in the middle, behind which there are two apples. There is a workbench in the southeast region where you can craft an axe for this purpose.
  • Eat one apple to break the rock and then eat another apple to dig up the tree.

Basically, you have to keep doing this to get apples, cut trees, smash rocks and make your way ahead. Don’t forget to collect all the resources you find in your way.

At the end, you will have to cut down three trees placed in the northern area which will give you access to go out of the maze and reach Rover.

How to Find Rover in ACNH

Rover, the iconic Animal Crossing character, will be waiting for you at the northeast side of the maze, right beside a campfire. Interact with him and then he will give you his special briefcase as a gift. This is your reward for clearing the maze!

Once you are done with exploring the island and taking all the resources (including Bell Vouchers), you can meet Wilbur again and head back home.

Are you wondering how many times can you do the May Day Tour in ACNH? From what Wilbur tells us, once you complete your May Day Maze, you cannot redo it. It’s a one-time thing so ensure that you make the most of it.

How to Reset the May Day Tour Maze?

The maze isn’t as easy as it looks, so if you get stuck, don’t worry. Just select the Rescue Services app on your Nook Phone and go back to the start of the maze. You will have to pay a fee in order to do this.

So, this is everything we know about the May Day Tour Event in ACNH. If more details are revealed, we will update this guide immediately. Meanwhile, check out other Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides on our ACNH Wiki Page.