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How Long Do The Fireworks Last In ACNH? (Answered)

The Fireworks Festival is a great new addition to Animal Crossing New Horizons in August. But how long do the Fireworks last? Find out all about the Fireworks show in this quick guide.

The Summer update wave 2 has been pretty eventful. With the discovery of a secret King Tut Mask DIY recipe and Dreams in Animal Crossing New Horizons, players have a lot to do this time around. Apart from these, there’s also the awesome Fireworks show that you can attend where you can even add your own custom fireworks! But many players are wondering – how long do the Fireworks last in ACNH? Find out everything you need to know here.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fireworks Show End Time


The Fireworks show starts at 7 pm (as per your time) every Sunday in August. So mark your calendars because these are the Fireworks Festival dates in ACNH:

  • August 2
  • August 9
  • August 16
  • August 23
  • August 30

During this show you can talk to Isabelle to get some free Boppers in Animal Crossing New Horizons and make your experience even better. But how long do the Fireworks last in ACNH? Well, the answer is five hours. So you have time from 7 pm to Midnight to enjoy the entirety of the fireworks festival. Simply go to the Resident Services area along with your friends and other villagers and look up at the night sky. While you are at it, you can also purchase Redd’s Raffle Tickets and win some sweet prizes! The Redd’s Raffle rewards include balloons, sparklers, a bubble blower, an Uchiwa fan, a Tweeter and more. Rewards are guaranteed so go on and participate.


So that was all about the Fireworks show event. We hope this answers the question of how long do the fireworks last in ACNH. Since it is August, be sure to find out how to catch new Deep sea creatures and the Ray fish in the game. Don’t miss out on an important update on how to backup and restore your island as well.