How To Easily Get The King Tut Mask In ACNH

In this guide, we will explain how to get the King Tut Mask in ACNH easily. Find out how to get your hands on the DIY recipe and obtain the materials to craft it.

In every major update, Animal Crossing New Horizons always has a few hidden surprises for players and the summer update wave 2 isn’t any different. There’s a secret King Tut Mask in ACNH that you can craft. So, what are the crafting materials for this item? Find out how to get the King Tut Mask DIY Recipe right here.

King Tut Mask DIY Recipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons

First, make sure that you have updated the game to the 1.4.0 version because only then you can access the King Tut Mask DIY recipe. Once you have updated the game, you will need a Gold Nugget. Well, just one for starters. But not just any pre-existing Gold Nugget – the unique part is that you must discover a Gold Nugget. So, if you already have some with you or if you get one from a friend, it won’t help. Discovering it is important.

To get a Gold Nugget, you have to hit rocks that are on your island with a shovel. Keep hitting those rocks and soon, you will find a Gold Nugget. When you mine a shiny nugget, you will have a lightbulb moment and get a DIY recipe idea. That’s how you obtain the King Tut Mask DIY recipe.

Now, get the materials you need (5 Gold Nuggets) and craft a King Tut Mask in ACNH on a workbench. The process is simple but in case you don’t come across Gold Nuggets on your own island fast enough, don’t worry. Visit Mystery islands and try your luck there.

So, that’s everything about getting the King Tut Mask in ACNH. Here’s one amusing detail about this mask: when you run while wearing it, you might trip and fall. Why? Because it is just that heavy. The animation of your character tripping and falling is super cute so all of this effort is worth it just to see it happen.

Along with this new addition, you also have new events like the Fireworks show where you can have Custom Fireworks while wearing pretty Bopper headbands. You can even purchase raffle tickets from Redd and win special prizes! It’s an eventful month in Animal Crossing New Horizons and like always, GamerTweak will keep you updated with the latest tips and tricks.