How To Get Isabelle Boppers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Want to get your hands on these adorable Bopper Headbands in ACNH? Then read this guide to find out!

Isabelle’s Boppers in Animal Crossing New Horizons are the newest item that you can collect. It is part of the Summer update wave 2 which has added Custom Fireworks and Redd’s Raffle Tickets. In the linked guides, we have explained how to get those items so be sure to read them and come back here. And if you already know that, let’s begin our quick guide on how to get Bopper Headbands in ACNH.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Bopper Headbands

On a fireworks night in ACNH (which will happen every Sunday in August at 7 pm), Isabelle will be standing near the Resident Services building. The dates of the Fireworks Festival are: August 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.

So, on these days, just talk to her right after joining the 7 pm fireworks show and you will get a free and random bopper in Animal Crossing New Horizons. That’s pretty much everything you have to do. In all, there are four bopper headbands that you can get your hands on.

Since these shows are held every Sunday in August, there will be five opportunities for you to grab these boppers. Here are the different styles of the glowing Isabelle Boppers in ACNH.

  • Heart Bopper which is pink
  • Star Bopper which is yellow 
  • Bulb Bopper which is green 
  • Flower Bopper which is blue

If you are looking for some other ways to get these boppers in Animal Crossing New Horizons fast, then I have some bad news. You can only get it from Isabelle so it will take you about a month to get them all without time traveling. If you want to fast forward time, though, here’s how to time travel in ACNH. But in my opinion, waiting for it will make the boppers much more rewarding!

Once you get your first bopper, wear it and show it off. It looks adorable and your cute character will get even cuter with it. Overall, your firework festivities will get more exciting when you have a bopper on your head.

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