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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Catch New Deep Sea Creatures

ACNH gets a fresh new update of Deep-Sea Creatures swimming in the ocean in August Update. These new creatures worth thousand of bells and you will love to catch them.

AC New Horizons August update brings a new type of collectible. A new kind of animal category is unlocked which will let players catch some highly valuable deep-sea creatures. If you are looking for how to catch Deep Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing then here is a guide. In addition to various Animal Crossing Fishes, you will be finding new deep-sea creatures. We have a huge section dedicated to fishing in our  Animal Crossing Wiki.You can check that if you want to know more about fishing or else let’s continue with new Animal Crossing New Horizon deep-sea creatures.

How to catch Deep Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons?


In August you will be finding a lot of these creatures swimming in the ocean. Players who are in the Northern Hemisphere will see Flatform. Each worth 700 bells and will spawn between 4 PM to 9 AM. So if you are fishing in the Northern Hemisphere then note down the time to catch the Flatworm.

The best catches are reserved for the month-end, but you can still try finding them out. Vampire Squid and Sea Pineapple are two deep-sea creatures that can be sold for 10,000 bells each.

Some creatures will be no longer available like Seaweed is leaving Northern Hemisphere at the end of July. The same goes for Southern Hemisphere. Venus’ Flower Basket, Sweet Shrimp, and Sea Pig are leaving the hemisphere forever. You can also try for Abalone and Lobster.


There is less info on what Deep-sea creature is coming in the Southern Hemisphere. Do not worry we will update this soon, you can focus on what is leaving the ocean. A lot relies on the type of season, for example as Summer has ended some creatures will be no longer available for fishing.

But new ones will be replaced and it is still to find what is coming in. Animal Crossing Wave 1 of Summer Update is almost over where a lot of creatures will be finding a new home. Thankfully new updates will bring in new ones and it will be exciting to wait for what is planned for Wave 2.