Starfield Ammo ID Codes List & Types For Weapons

Here's the Starfield Ammo ID codes list to help you spawn them easily, along with the weapons that use these ammo types.

If you are using console commands and cheats, and want to use an Ammo ID list in Starfield to spawn ammo and help you during gunfights, this guide will come in handy. Here are all the ammo codes that you can use on PC (as of now) to obtain your preferred ones in any quantity you wish, in your inventory.

If you change your mind and don’t want to use cheats anymore, here are our top tips and tricks to never run out of ammo in Starfield.

Starfield Ammo ID Codes List

starfield ammo id codes list

Here are the Ammo ID codes in Starfield based on Ammo types.

  • .27 CALIBER – 002B559C
  • .43 MI ARRAY – 002B559A
  • .43 ULTRAMAG – 002B5599
  • .45 CALIBER ACP – 002B5598
  • .50 CALIBER CASELESS – 002B5597
  • .50 MI ARRAY – 002B5596
  • 11MM CASELESS – 002B5595
  • 12.5MM ST RIVET – 002B5594
  • 12G SHOTGUN SHELL – 000547A1
  • 40MM XPL – 002B5592
  • 6.5MM CT – 002B5590
  • 6.5MM MI ARRAY – 002B558F
  • 7.5MM WHITEHOT – 002B558E
  • 7.62X39MM – 002B558D
  • 7.77MM CASELESS – 0004AD3E
  • 9X39MM – 002B559B

starfield ammo item ids list

How to Use Item ID Cheats in Starfield?

To spawn ammo of a quantity of your choice, enable and use cheats like this:

  • Press the Tilde (~) button on the keyboard and open the console.
  • Type player.additem <item ID> <Count> in the console command menu. So if you want ammo, type player.additem 0000E8EC 500.
  • This will disable achievements so go ahead only if you are okay with that!

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If you want to know which weapons use these particular types of ammo in Starfield, here’s the list.

Starfield Ammo Types and Weapons that Use Them

starfield ammo types and weapons that use them

Here are all the ammo types and weapons that use them in Starfield:

  • .43 MI ARRAY – Keelhauler, Magshot, The Mutineer, Trickshot
  • .43 ULTRAMAG – Ambassador, Elegance, Marathon, Regulator, Solace, Urban Eagle
  • .45 CALIBER ACP – Old Earth Pistol, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol, XM2311
  • .50 CALIBER CASELESS – Hard Target, Head Ranger, Justifier, Lawgiver, Peacemaker, The Last Breath
  • .50 MI ARRAY – Magshear, Magstorm, Mindtear, Poisonstorm, Revenant
  • 1.5KV LZR CARTRIDGES – Ember, Short Circuit, Solstice
  • 11.75X45MM – AA-99, Davis Wilson’s Rifle, Drum Beat, Feather, Marksman’s AA-99, Peacekeeper, Power Beat, Tempest, Tombstone
  • 11MM CASELESS – Ecliptic Pistol
  • 12.5MM ST RIVET – Auto-Rivet
  • 12G SHOTGUN SHELL – Old Earth Shotgun
  • 15X25 CLL SHOTGUN SHELL – Breach, Brute Force, Experiment A-7, Pacifier, Rapidshot
  • 3KV LZR CARTRIDGE – Arc Welder, Brawler’s Equinox, Equinox, Orion, Unmitigated Violence, Unrestrained Vengeance
  • 40MM XPL – Ashta Tamer, Bridger, Negotiator, Reckless Bombardment, Shattered Shock
  • 6.5MM CT – Fiscal Quarter, Kraken, Maelstrom, Pirate Legend, Skip Shot Kraken, Street Sweeper
  • 6.5MM MI ARRAY – Avatar, Magpulse, Magsniper
  • 7.5MM WHITEHOT – Deadeye, Razorback, The Prime, Unfair Advantage
  • 7.62X39MM – Fury, Gallow’s Reach, Old Earth Assault Rifle
  • 7.77MM CASELESS – Acid Rain, Beowulf, Eon, Grendel, Hunterwulf, Kodama, Microgun, N67 Smartgun, Radburn
  • 9X39MM – Despondent Assassin, Old Earth Hunting Rifle, Speechless Fire
  • CASELESS SHOTGUN SHELL – Boom Boom, Coachman, Shotty
  • HEAVY PARTICLE FUSE – Big Bang, Eternity’s Gate, Jake’s Hangover Cure, Novablast Disruptor, Reflection, Va’Ruun Inflictor
  • LIGHT PARTICLE FUSE – Novalight, Terror Inflictor, The Spacer, Va’Ruun Starshard

That’s everything about Ammo ID codes, ammo types and weapons used in Starfield. Head to our Starfield wiki guide for location guides, walkthroughs, and more tips and tricks.