Monopoly GO Road To Riches Event Rewards List

Collect the milestone rewards of Monopoly GO Road to Riches and complete the album faster.

Monopoly GO Road to Riches is the latest time-limited event. Like other events, it will last for a few days and give rewards for achieving milestones. You don’t have to compete here, so you can focus on collecting points and unlocking Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, Cash, and Boosts. With the help of the rewards, you will be able to complete the boards and album faster.

It is simultaneously active with another resourceful event, Gardening Partners. Due to this, you will get the Flowers as one of the milestone rewards. Use them to spin the wheel and finish attractions for prizes.

All Monopoly GO Road to Riches Event Tasks and Rewards

All Monopoly GO Road to Riches Event Tasks and Rewards
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The Monopoly GO Road to Riches is a three-day event ending on January 11, 2024, at 7 AM PT. There are 49 milestones in it, giving rewards of Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, Boosts, Cash, and Flower tokens.

Monopoly GO Road to Riches Event Level, Points, and Rewards

Milestone LevelPoints RequiredRewards
1570 Gardening Partners Flowers
2520 Dice Rolls
351-Star Green Sticker Pack
41080 Gardening Partners Flowers
545120 Dice Rolls
65120 Gardening Partners Flowers
71010 Minutes Cash Grab
8151-Star Green Sticker Pack
910150 Gardening Partners Flowers
10120250 Dice Rolls
12201-Star Green Sticker Pack
1320180 Gardening Partners Flowers
15200375 Dice Rolls
16405 Minutes Cash Boost
17302-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
1940210 Gardening Partners Flowers
20400700 Dice Rolls
214510 Minutes High Roller
2250230 Gardening Partners Flowers
24553-Star Pink Sticker Pack
257501,200 Dice Rolls
27604-Star Blue Sticker Pack
2865250 Gardening Partners Flowers
2970100 Dice Rolls
31150270 Gardening Partners Flowers
332004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
34225300 Gardening Partners Flowers
351,3001,800 Dice Rolls
3630020 Minutes Rent Frenzy
38400350 Gardening Partners Flowers
395005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
402,2003,000 Dice Rolls
4155020 Minutes High Roller
42600500 Gardening Partners Flowers
44700800 Dice Rolls
46750900 Dice Rolls
478005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
48850650 Gardening Partners Flowers
494,0006,500 Dice Rolls and 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

How to Get Points in the Road to Riches Event

Land on these tiles to score points:

  • Tax tiles (Income Tax, Luxury Tax): 3 Points
  • Utility tiles (Electric Company, Water Works): 2 Points

Complete the Monopoly GO Road to Riches event before it expires to get freebies. Also, if this was interesting, check out our Monopoly GO section and get the rewards of the Space Race tournament.