All Gardening Partners Event Rewards In Monopoly GO

Here is how to complete the Monopoly GO Gardening Partners event and get exclusive Player Token and Emoji.

One of the most-awaited events, the partners, is finally here. All album seasons, like the current Monopoly Origins, get these only a few times in comparison to others. Monopoly GO Gardening Partners offers similar rewards except for the exclusive Player Token and Emoji. Since they last longer than most, by adding other players, it doesn’t take much time to complete and get rewards for all four attractions.

This will last more than 5 days, ending on January 13th, 2024, at 12 PM PT. For those who haven’t attempted any of the previous Partner Events, this guide will explain ways to collect the required tokens and use them.

All Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event Rewards and Milestones

All Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event Rewards and Milestones
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In this event, you and your partners have to spin the wheel using Flowers to collect points. Completing five milestones for all four attractions will give you the Grand Prize:

  • 2,500 Points – 200 Free Dice Rolls
  • 8,500 Points – Cash
  • 21,500 Points – Blue Safe (250 Free Dice Rolls and Cash)
  • 48,000 Points – High Roller Boost, 400 Free Dice Rolls, and 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
  • 80,000 Points – 500 Free Dice Rolls, Cash, and 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
  • Grand Prize – 5,000 Free Dice Rolls, a 5-Star Galaxy Sticker Pack, a Garden Cat Token, and an Emoji of Dog with Thug Life glasses

How to Collect Flowers in Gardening Partners

How to Collect Flowers in Gardening Partners
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  • Flower Tokens: Tokens are spread across the board, simply land on tiles and get them.
  • Quick Wins: During the time the event is active, all Quick Wins daily tasks will give you some Flowers.
  • Free Shop Gift: My personal favorite and effortless gift box also gives you Flowers till the event is active. To find this gift box, tap on the shop icon right below the Net Worth. Next, scroll right until you see the Free button. Use it to open the present and get freebies, including Cash and Dice Rolls.
  • Events: Almost all events that are simultaneously active with the Gardening Partners will give you some Flowers with milestones. For now, it is Road to Riches.
  • Tournaments: Like the event, almost all active tournaments alongside this will give you some Flowers with the milestones. Currently, Chest Quest Challenge.

Are There Any Free Gardening Partners Flower Links?

No, currently there aren’t any free Flower links; some fake ones are circulating, but it is best to avoid following suspicious ones. Rather than those, you can use the free Dice links and throw Rolls to collect the pieces from tournaments and events.

How to Invite and Change Event Partners?

How to Invite and Change Event Partners?
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Once the event is active, you will find the four player icons on the board. Tap on the plus sign from any of those, and it will take you to the player list. At the top of the list will be all the invites others have sent. Scroll down a little, and you will find the Suggested Partners and Your Friends list. Use Invite to send the request. Once they accept, your attractions will be added to the board.

Currently, there are no ways to change partners, so it is best to only accept and send invites to those who will stay active throughout the event.

Hopefully, this helped you understand the Monopoly GO Gardening Partners attractions and obtain the milestones as well as the Grand Prize. For more topics like this, you should check out our Monopoly GO section.