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Armored Core 6: All Boss List

Before you take control of a strong mech in Armored Core 6, check out what bosses you are going to face.

If you’re not sure which bosses you are going to face in Armored Core 6, then this boss list is just the thing you need. Knowing your enemies will help you strategize better and gear up accordingly. By doing this you not only get an upper hand on the enemy but also make the grind a little easier. As of now, there are 12 main bosses in total, which includes 3 ending bosses. For your reference, we have also given some tips that may help you a little in the battle. So let’s not wait any further and dive right into the AC6 Fires of Rubicon Boss list.

List of All Armored Core 6 Boss (Tips to Defeat)

All Armored Core 6 Boss list and tips how to defeat how many bosses in ac6 fires of Rubicon

Here’s the Armored Core 6 (AC6) Fires of Rubicon all boss list and some tips to defeat them.

  • AH12 HC Helicopter
    • Try to get close and use melee weapons such as blades to cause slash damage.
  • HA-T-102 Juggernaut
    • Stay off the ground and try to attack this boss from behind to get a good chunk of damage.
  • AA P07 Balteus
    • Use aggressive weapons to attack until you breach its shield, and then simply keep attacking.
  • EC-0804 Smart Cleaner
    • Keep attacking this boss’s glowing lava face and that’ll do the trick.
    • Be quick and keep attacking the MT Core in the center.
  • IA-13 Sea Spider
    • Use your best missile launchers and other aggressive weapons to stagger the boss. Also, ensure to keep your distance.
  • IA-02: Ice Worm
    • Shoot a Stun Needle Launcher at its face to breach the shield and then keep shooting your best shots. Also, beware of its deadly drones.
  • AA P03 Enforcer
    • Maintain your distance to avoid its close-range attack and use range attacks to defeat the boss.
  • IB-01: CEL 240
    • Use Stun Needle Launcher and keep moving to avoid attacks. And shoot your best shot whenever you see an opening.
  • IB-C03: HAL 826
    • Use the best aggressive weapon you have and keep attacking.
  • IB-07: SOL 644
    • Keep a distance to avoid its close-range attack and use ranged weapons to defeat the boss.
  • Eliminate V.III (Final Boss)
    • Be quick and keep moving to avoid getting hit. Also, bring all the help you can get to defeat this final boss.

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That covers everything about the Armored Core 6 (AC6) bosses list and some tips to defeat every boss. If you’re wondering how many chapters & missions the game has, then we’ve got you covered. Also, take a look at the Weapons, Guns & Launchers list to stay ready for any fight.

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