Where To Find Agent Plato In Starfield – Keeping The Peace Quest

Agent Plato is an part of Keeping the Peace quest. If you are unable to find him, this guide will help you to get his exact location.

Search for Agent Plato begins during the quest Keeping the Peace. It is unlocked after talking to Sergeant Yumi in one of the side activities. He is Spaceport inside the UC building. Sergeant Yumi will tell you he needs a part-time security offer and the first task is to find Agent Plato in Aegis.

Starfield Agent Plato Location

Agent Plato Location

Once you are done talking to Seargen Yumi exit the UC building and head towards the train station.

  1. Travel to Mast District, exit the train and walk to the right-end corner. Enter into the Mast Nat Station Lift.
  2. Select floor – Defense Research/Health & Human Services/Aegis
  3.  Take the first door on the right and look left. Agent Plato is sitting in the room on the left side.

Agent Plato's Package

Talk to him and he will ask you to pick up a parcel and take it to the spaceport. He will tell you the parcel is kept near a Galbank ATM next to the station. Take the train to Spaceport and look on the right end side of the package. Just follow the objective marker and take it back to Seargen Yumi in the UC build.

That’s it, this small objective will reward you 100XP and 2000 Credits. Playing this small mission can help you get some extra XP and Credit. For this, you can accept missions from Boards in Starfield. They are small kiosks situated in headquarters, bars, etc. So whenever you are in the region do walk around and look for these small kiosks. Interact to get more small-side objectives, and clear them for credits.

As the objectives are focused on making Credits, here is a guide that will help you in Credit Farming in Starfield. You can also get money by selling items to the right vendors. Some vendors might pay you less, so here are some tips on how to find Vendors that pay the most credits in Starfield.

Credits are also rewarded for surveying the region. If you can 100% survey an area then it is easy to earn some free credits. This is the easiest thing you can do in Starfield, just turn on your scanner and explore the region. One last thing, during your quest there are possibilities you may do something wrong, so here is how to avoid going to jail in Starfield.