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Warzone 2 DMZ: How To Acquire A Stronghold Keycard

Confused about getting the key to Stronghold? Check out our guide on how to acquire a Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2's DMZ.

COD Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode features different Faction-based missions that can be completed with squads. You need to complete three objectives as you progress with the “Storm the Stronghold” Legion faction mission. But several players are finding it difficult to complete the first objective which is acquiring a Stronghold Keycard. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to acquire a Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2 DMZ.


How to Acquire a Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2 DMZ

There are mainly two ways to get the Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2. You can get the Stronghold Keycard from various Buy Stations around the Al Mazrah map. Or, you can eliminate the AQ Soldiers to get the Stronghold Keycard. You will find these NPC or AI enemies patrolling near the Stronghold camp building.

So, let’s dive into these two methods in more detail:

Buy Stations

  • You can acquire the Stronghold Keycard from the Buy Stations for $5000 Cash in Warzone 2 DMZ Mode. But note that not every Buy station sells the Stronghold Keys.
  • These Buy Stations are marked as the shopping cart icon on the Tac-Map.
  • So, you can mark the icon to head over to that location.
  • Once you are at a Buy Station, head over to the Gear section to find the Stronghold Keycard.
warzone 2 acquire stronghold keycard
Image Source – GuidingLight on YouTube.
  • If you don’t find the key at that location, you can head over to a different Buy Station to grab the key.

You can also check out our guide on how the Buy station works for more insight.


AQ Soldiers

  • You can find several AQ soldiers patrolling around the Stronghold building.
  • Each of these NPCs has a decent chance to drop the Stronghold keycard. So, clear out most of the AQ soldiers to increase your chances of getting the key.
  • The Stronghold Keys have a blue hue when you get close to them.
  • As soon as you spot a rectangular blue-colored item on the ground, grab it before anyone else does.

Bonus – Loot from Real Enemy Players in Warzone 2 DMZ

  • For this method, you need to camp near the Stronghold to loot it from the enemy squad.
  • While it is an unreliable method, you can use it smartly to get the Keycard.
  • You can eliminate the enemies or the squad approaching the entrance of the Stronghold.
  • As they approach closer to the Stronghold, eliminate them to loot the Keycard from them.

Once you have the keycard in your inventory, you can head to any Stronghold locations on your map. You can find them as the White castle icon on the Tac-Map. As you head to the Stronghold location, you can loot all the rare items and weapons.

warzone 2 acquire stronghold keycard
Image Source – GuidingLight on YouTube.

After you have acquired a Stronghold Keycard, you can get on with the other two objectives. The second objective involves clearing out the Stronghold combatants. While the last objective revolves around extracting the White Lotus intel found on Stronghold Guards. Completing the Storm the Stronghold mission would unlock the second tier of Legion-based Faction missions. Furthermore, it also unlocks tier 1 of the White Lotus missions.


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