Warzone 2 UAV Towers: How To Activate Them? [DMZ Mode]

Check out this guide to know the steps for locating and activating a UAV Tower in DMZ mode of COD Warzone 2.

DMZ mode of Warzone 2.0 introduces the newest map in the franchise known as Al Mazrah. This map hides tons of loot that can be taken back to the inventory permanently. May it include a Weapon Blueprint or any other resource, it’s all yours after extracting it. It is as difficult and fun as it sounds because the map is filled with a hoard of enemies. Real-time players are fine but some heavily armed soldiers are capable enough to decimate you. Although, what if I say that you can know the enemy’s location on the mini-map? Most of us may already know that it is possible to reveal an enemy’s area by using UAV technology. Likewise, it is possible to Activate a UAV Tower in DMZ mode of Warzone 2 to gain the benefits. Wondering how? Read this guide till the end and know how to do so.

Where to find UAV Towers in Warzone 2.0 DMZ – Activate Them

How To Activate UAV Tower In DMZ Mode Of Warzone 2

Activating a UAV Tower is a part while completing the Al-Qatala Informant mission for the Legion Faction in DMZ. You can easily locate a UAV Tower by marking it on the map. For your reference, we have marked the icon for the UAV Tower’s location in the image above. Finding the UAV Tower is the toughest job while on a journey to activate it in DMZ mode. This is because the path is filled with obstacles which include real enemies and bots with brutal firepower.

How To Activate UAV Tower In DMZ Mode Of Warzone 2

Once you have reached the UAV Tower, simply close in and interact with it. A small follow-up animation will begin wherein the Operator will activate the UAV Tower in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode. After that, the locations of the enemies will be marked on the map with small red icons.

That’s all you should know about activating the UAV Towers in Warzone 2 DMZ mode. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Warzone 2.0 guides on Gamer Tweak.