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COD Warzone 2.0 Buy Station: How Does It Work

Here's everything you need to know about how the Buy Station works in COD Warzone 2.0.

Warzone 2.0 is out now with all new and old features available on various platforms globally. In this free-to-play FPS game, developers have made the arena more competitive than ever. Firstly, there will be no loadout drops in the game to change your gears and weapons. The only way to get a new set of weapons & equipment is by purchasing it from the in-game Buy Station. As many players are pretty upset about this new change many are even appreciating it, as it makes the game more thrilling. However it will not come for cheap, the cost of a single gear and weapon is pretty high. So make sure you loot & collect enough cash to use whenever it’s needed. If you want to know more about the Warzone 2 Buy Station and how it works, then we’ve got you covered.


What does the Buy Station do in Warzone 2? (All Items & Costs)

What does the Buy Station do in Warzone 2
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As mentioned earlier, in Warzone 2 the Buy Station works as an in-game shop to buy equipment, gear, weapons & more. This shop will be available in Battle Royale mode as well as in the DMZ mode and can be identified by its Cart symbol on the map. Players can buy the required gear with the looted in-game cash, also known as My Cash. If you are unaware of the things you can buy from this new Buy Station, then scroll down for answers.

  • Gear
    • Armor Plate for $400 (Unlimited Quantity)
    • Armor Box for $2000 (Unlimited Quantity)
    • Molotov for $350 (Unlimited Quantity)
    • Frag Grenade for $500 (Unlimited Quantity)
    • Tear Gas for $400 (Unlimited Quantity)
    • Claymore for $700 (Limited Quantity)
    • Throwing Knife for $500 (Limited Quantity)
    • Battle Rage for $2900 (Limited Quantity)
    • Snapshot Grenade for $400 (Limited Quantity)
    • Trophy System for $1650 (Limited Quantity)
    • Shock Stick for $600 (Limited Quantity)
    • Suppression Mine for $2000 (Limited Quantity)
    • Cluster Mine for $3300 (Limited Quantity)
    • Gas Mask for $1650 (Limited Quantity)
    • Heartbeat Sensor for $1050 (Limited Quantity)
    • Counter UAV for $4000 (Limited Quantity)
    • UAV for $4000 (Limited Quantity)
  • Primary Weapons
    • Custom Loadouts: In here you’ll be able to buy the custom weapons that you have customized before entering the match for the price of $5000. Also, the player will be able to buy one weapon at a time.
    • Default Loadouts: In this section, the player will only be able to buy the default weapons for the price of $5000. As mentioned earlier, only one weapon can be purchased at a time.
  • Redeploy Squadmates 
    • This option only appears in the Battle Royale mode where you can bring back the dead teammate for an amount of money.
  • Sell Valuables: This option is only available in DMZ mode, where you can sell the items you have looted and picked up. Doing so can give you a good amount of money for items such as Laptops, Bulbs, Bandages, & more.

The prices of the items and weapons can differ in different game modes. That sums up everything about how the Buy Station works in Warzone 2. If you are running low on cash then check out how to farm & get Money in the game quickly.