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Warzone 2: How To Get Money (Farm Cash)

Here's a detailed guide on how to get money in COD Warzone 2.

The highly anticipated COD Battle Royale shooter is finally here. Warzone 2 was released on 16th November as a free-to-play game. Players from all over the world are dropping on the new Al Mazrah map to win it all. Those who have played the previous installment of this game understand the importance of farming cash. Money in Warzone 2 will buy you all the goods to survive till the end of the game. So making cash should be one of your primary focuses as soon as you land on the map. In this article, we will tell you how to get Money in Warzone 2.


How to Farm Warzone 2 Cash Quickly

Farm Cash Quickly in Warzone 2

There are several ways to make money in this battle royale. But the best way to farm cash in Warzone 2 is by completing contracts. These are missions you can access on your phone. Here are the types of contracts you can complete to make money.

  • Raid Weapon Stash
  • Rescue Hostages
  • Eliminate HVT
  • Secure Intel
  • Secure Nuclear Material
  • Hunt Squad
  • Deliver Cargo
  • Ship Cargo
  • Destroy Supplies

Now, the amount of money you will make changes from contract to contract. Higher the amount of money, the tougher the contract. Completing the Ship Cargo contract will make you $10,000. You will have to find a boat containing the cargo and deliver it to a specific location. The boat will attract a lot of unwanted attention so be ready for an ambush. Another contract that will make you good cash is the Destroy Supplies contract. You will make $7,500 for planting two bombs on supplies.


Apart from contracts, you can farm cash in Warzone 2 by looting cash registers, supply crates, and lockers. So keep an eye out for them in the buildings you are clearing. You will also come across some valuable items in these crates. Hoard whatever you can and sell them at the Buy Stations to make more money.

You can use this cash at Buy Stations to get things like UAVs, Armor Plates, Heartbeat Sensors, DDoS, and a lot more.


That’s all from us on how to make money in Warzone 2. For more helpful guides like How to Get COD Points and How to Unlock Operator Skins, visit our Warzone 2 section soon.