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ACNH Pumpkin Farming Guide: How To Grow & Harvest Pumpkins

Pumpkins in Animal Crossing New Horizons have been newly added. Find out how to plant the seeds, grow, farm and harvest them in ACNH.

Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Fall/Halloween update is here and players are curious to know what’s new. Well, you can plant and grow pumpkins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons now! It gives you the opportunity to get into pumpkin farming and harvesting them just in time for spooky season. You can use them in various Halloween-themed DIY crafting recipes too. But how do you get started? Learn everything you need to know about Pumpkins in ACNH right here.

How to Get Pumpkins in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)

Pumpkins in ACNH can be obtained by getting Pumpkin starts/seeds. You can plant these pumpkin starts and start your farming adventure. You can buy them in October (time travel if you want them right now). Head to Nook’s Cranny and approach the cabinet. You will see that they cost 280 Bells individually. If you want to purchase them in a higher quantity – it is 1400 Bells for five of them.

Also, remember Leif? You can buy the Pumpkin seeds from him whenever he shows up on your island. He will set up his little shop in front of Resident Services so that is where you can meet him.

Buy Pumpkin Starts

Luckily, he will sell these Pumpkin Starts to you at a lower price in October! That’s 140 Bells for one and 700 Bells for five.
how-to-get-pumpkin-starts-in-animal-crossing-new-horizonsSo, if you want to get the discounted prices, make sure to grab them in October from Leif’s random visits. That’s because his price will switch back to the higher amount that Nook’s Cranny charges.

How to Plant Pumpkins in ACNH

The process is simple. Dig a hole on the ground with your trusty shovel and plant the Pumpkin starts in that. No other specific requirement exists – any empty section of grassy land is fine.

How to Grow Pumpkins?

Watering them will help! Keep doing it regularly and you will see them grow little by little. It will go from a planted stage to a ‘ripe’ stage in 4 days. When you see sparkles on pumpkins in ACNH, that means you have watered them, so keep an eye on that.

You can even get more than one pumpkin from one slot of land (up to three!), so that’s surely a win-win situation. Hence, remember to water them daily. If you end up doing less, you will get less amount of produce.

Do note that there are four available types of pumpkins in ACNH: Orange, Yellow, Green and White. The color output is seemingly random since there are no different colors in the starts. The orange one is the most common due to its requirement in recipes and Halloween season.

How to Harvest – Pumpkin Farming Guide

You can pick up your ready-to-harvest pumpkins by standing over them and pressing the Y button. Your character will take the pumpkin and put it in your inventory.

Do Pumpkins Regrow In ACNH?

Luckily, the pumpkins will regrow in ACNH after harvesting without having to buy new Pumpkin starts, so keep watering them. Make sure to avoid digging up the plants for this reason. This is how you can farm pumpkins easily.

Pumpkin DIY Crafting Recipes

Another interesting addition is that these pumpkins are crafting materials in Halloween themed spooky set items and furniture.

The Pumpkin DIY items include the Spooky Arch, Spooky Candy Set, Spooky Carriage, Spooky Chair and more. We will be covering the whole list with the materials required to craft them soon, so stay with Gamer Tweak.

That’s our Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkins Guide. If this helped you out, don’t miss our other tips and tricks in our ACNH wiki.