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ACNH Halloween Event Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Here's everything you can expect from the Halloween Event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is always at the top of their game in terms of real world events. This time, they have provided an exciting Fall Update which has the Halloween event. Yes, pumpkins and celebrations galore! In this ACNH Halloween event guide, I will explain what you can expect in the month of October.

Halloween Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons


October in ACNH is going to be all about the following exciting stuff.

Pumpkins – DIY crafting recipes

As I mentioned, there will be pumpkins – loads of them. Check out our ACNH Pumpkins guide to know the details of how to plant, grow, farm and harvest pumpkins just in time for spooky season. You need to buy Pumpkin starts/seeds first and then go ahead with the process of growing the Pumpkins. You will find all the steps for that in our linked guide.


With pumpkins made, you can even use them as crafting materials in Pumpkin DIY recipes. You can even change the Pumpkin colors if you’d like. The items that you will be able to craft with pumpkins are Spooky Set items and furniture like a Spooky arch, carriage, fence, garland, lantern and more. Use these to decorate your island and get ready for Halloween festivities.

Halloween Candy & Lollipops

Want to give out some candies during the celebration but don’t know where to get Halloween candy in ACNH? Well, you can purchase them from the Nook brothers. Simply approach the cabinet and buy it for some Bells. Plus, find out how to get Lollipops in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Scary Halloween Costumes for the ACNH Halloween Event

Speaking of festivities, you can set things up by buying scary Halloween costumes in ACNH. Buy them from the Able Sisters shop all through October and dress up however you want. The Halloween costumes in Animal Crossing New Horizons are no joke! They are cool and trendy. Not just clothes, you can also get some body paint and change your eye color with the help of Nook Miles. Perfect for the added spooky effect.

Halloween Night (October 31)


It starts from 5 pm until Midnight and you can gather around with your fellow villagers in the plaza. There will be Halloween decorations everywhere and the atmosphere will be just like a real Halloween party! You can show up wearing Halloween body paint and eye colors.

Jack, the Czar of Halloween, Visits!

who-is-jack-czar-acnhA special guest named Jack will arrive on your island and if you give him some candy and lollipops, you will get some sweet prizes. Look forward to this interesting interaction in the game for rewards but keep some candy to give to your neighbors as well. I won’t spoil the fun of your meeting with Jack but know that it involves a fun event that’s all about scaring others.

That is everything you need to know about the ACNH Halloween event. Now, go ahead and have a wonderful October in Animal Crossing New Horizons!