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How To Get Halloween Candy In ACNH

Know how to get Halloween Candy in ACNH. Learn the best & easy ways to collect & farm infinite candies in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Halloween Candy in ACNH is an important item because it will help you socialize with your residents on Halloween night and get some rewards too. If you are looking for the best way to get it or simply want to know how to get Candy in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you are at the right place. Check out this guide till the end to know all the answers to your questions.

Where to Get Halloween Candy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Before getting into how to get Halloween Candy in ACNH, let’s take a deeper look at how it will help you during the spooky month of October.

How to use Candy

Basically, you need to get candy for multiple reasons. One of them is to give candy to your neighbors. Secondly, you will meet Jack the Czar of Halloween this month and you can give him some candies too. Finally, you can put the candies on the ground to attract ants if you’d like to catch them.


When you give a candy to your residents, you will get a Halloween DIY recipe for a Spooky Set item or furniture. Apart from this, you can also receive a lollipop and remember, Jack loves lollipops! What’s more, you might even learn a brand new Halloween Reaction from them.

Now, since Trick or Treat is the theme during Halloween, your villagers can play a trick on you too. That will happen if you don’t give them the candy if they request one. So, you can try that out to see what they do!

Jack, on the other hand, will give you something in return for Candy. It could be a DIY recipe, item, reaction or Pumpkins. But as mentioned before, he loves lollipops more than candies.


There’s another use of candies and that’s to eat them for stamina, just like fruits, pumpkins, turnips and more. With that all cleared up, here’s how to get it for yourselves.

How To Get Candy in ACNH?



You can visit Nook’s Cranny and buy 1 Candy a day for 120 Bells. Keep going there all through October for more and more candies.

The Halloween event is on October 31 and during those festivities, you can earn candy from some villagers for free. Basically, you have to get it from those residents that are staying at home. Do note that you have to wear a Halloween costume for that! Of course, there’s a very high chance that you might already be dressed up to celebrate the spooooky night.

How to Get Infinite Candies

There is yet another way to get Halloween candy in ACNH and that is to dress up like Jack and trick your neighbors. Fun! You need Jack’s Face and Jack’s Robe as the costume. When you dress up like him and talk to residents, you will get free candy! You can farm infinite candies through this method.

That is everything about how to get the special candies in the game. Don’t miss out on our other Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update guides like how to get Pumpkins, Ring Con, all the Halloween DIY Items and Recipes list and more.