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How To Get Halloween Body Paints & Eye Colors In ACNH

Here's how to get Halloween Body Paints & Eye Colors in ACNH. Also learn how to put on the skin tones to make a spooky version of yourself.

In the massive Fall update of Animal Crossing New Horizons, players get the ability to plant pumpkins, craft Spooky Set DIY items and wear Halloween costumes. But that is not all – players can also take things up a notch by wearing Halloween Body Paints (that is, Skin Tones) and Eye Colors in ACNH. This will definitely ensure that you dream spooky look is achieved, so here’s a guide on how to do that easily.

Halloween Skin Tones and Colored Eyes in Animal Crossing New Horizons


To change your look completely and make you look like a scarier version of yourself, you need some ‘out of the ordinary’ colored eyes and body paint.


Make sure you have updated the game to the latest version which is version 1.5.0. When you have done the process of installing the update, follow these steps.


  • Open the updated game.
  • Visit the Resident Services building.
  • Head to the Nook Stop Terminal and interact with it as usual.
  • Select Redeem Nook Miles.
  • You will see Body-Paint Costume Tips in the list.
  • Make sure you have enough Nook Miles because this costs 2,400 Nook Miles.
  • If you are sure about it, choose Redeem and confirm this purchase.
  • With this, you will get the Body Paint Costume Tips item and that is how you get body paint!

How to Wear Body Paint and Colored Eyes in ACNH



To put on body paint in ACNH, you have to interact with a full length mirror or a vanity – choose to ‘change up your look’ and this will open up all the colors! All you need to do now is take your pick and create the ‘spookier’ version of yourself. Be a pale ghost or a green zombie!

The process is exactly the same for colored eyes. Simply pick “Exploring New Eye Colors” on the Nook Stop Terminal and follow the same steps after that.

That’s all you need to know to change your look for Halloween! While you are here, why don’t you check out our other guides about the Fall Update on Gamer Tweak? You never know, you might just learn some hidden secrets and tricks too!