How To Get Halloween Costumes In ACNH (Clothes, Wings & More)

Get Halloween Costumes in ACNH. How to buy & get Halloween themed clothes & accessories like Wings in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Halloween is incomplete without some scary Halloween costumes in ACNH and of course, you can wear some magical outfits too! If you have updated the game to the latest Fall Update, you know that the Halloween event is coming up on October 31st and you’ve got to start prepping for it. With pumpkins, DIY recipes, Spooky set items, furniture and more – there’s a lot to do this month. But in this guide, we will focus on how to get Halloween Costumes in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Dress up in some spooky clothes and accessories (like wings) with the help of these tips.

Where to Get Halloween Clothes in ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons)

To get your hands on some Halloween Costumes in ACNH, you have to visit the Able Sisters’ Shop. They will be selling some interesting and cute outfits as well as accessories that you can purchase easily.

Keep visiting them daily to see what is in stock and if you like what you see, get it immediately since they are available for a limited time. Whatever you choose will help you look amazing during the Halloween event where you will see Jack, an important character in this season. Take your pick from 16 brand new Halloween themed clothing, hats, socks, shoes and more. Their prices range from 700 Bells to even 3440 Bells. Some of the things you can buy are listed below:

  • Animal Ears (pointy, round etc)
  • Impish Horns
  • Mage’s Dress
  • Animal Costume
  • Magical Robes
  • Mage’s Striped hat
  • Magic Hood
  • And more! There are color variants too so you will be spoilt for choice.

Where to Buy Wings in Animal Crossing New Horizons


Apart from the Able Sisters, you can also buy some Halloween accessories and items from Kicks (the Skunk) and Jack (yes, the dude with the Pumpkin head). From Kicks, you can spend some Bells to purchase wings in Animal Crossing New Horizons to spice up your look. You will be able to find him near Resident Services whenever he arrives on your island.

This is everything about the Halloween outfits and accessories that you need to get in preparation for the big day at the end of the month. We’ve covered more details about this Fall update and you can check them out too. Here’s how to get Pumpkins, Farm infinite Candies all the Spooky Set Halloween DIY items list and more.