Where To Find Acidic Jawbone In Remnant 2

Get crafting material Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2 to craft a melee weapon.

Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2 is a crafting material you obtain from one boss enemy. The material is used for crafting a melee weapon that releases toxic gas. You have to complete some tasks and enter a forgotten area to find the monster. And you’ll be faced with a dilemma, where one path gives you Spiced Bile and another gives Acidic Jawbone. Spiced Bile gives the handgun Nebula. Read along to learn what Acidic Jawbone gives and how to get it in the game.

How to Get Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2

Where To Find Acidic Jawbone In Remnant 2

You must let Tal Ratha eat you and defeat its Metaphysical form to get Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2. Tal Ratha is found in the Forgotten Prison of N’Erud. And you need a Soul Spark Cylinder to get the choice of facing it. When you first meet Tal Ratha it will ask you to retrieve the Soul Spark Cylinder. You have to accept its request and go to the Green Capsule Room of N’Erud to retrieve the Soul Spark Cylinder.

When you give the Soul Spark Cylinder to Tal Ratha, it will present you with two choices. If you let it eat you, you will face Tal Ratha’s Metaphysical form. You get Acidic Jawbone, Shining Essence Echo, some Lumenite Crystals, Tome of Knowledge, and Scrap as loot after beating it. Its weakest spot is its head, so target it for defeating Tal Ratha Metaphysical. Now if you didn’t let it eat you, then you can beat its physical form and get Spiced Bile.

What to Do With Acidic Jawbone

You can get a Gas Giant melee weapon crafted from the Acidic Jawbone. To craft this weapon, meet Ava McCabe in Ward 13. Approach her and select “Can you craft something for me?”. Then go to the Craft tab and choose Gas Giant. Confirm and get the item.

That’s all you need to do to get Acidic Jawbone and Gas Giant in Remnant 2. If you found this guide informative, then we suggest you check out our other Remnant 2 guides. Start with how to get All Seeing Eye and then learn where the Purple Chimney item is.