Where To Find Soul Spark Cylinder In Remnant 2 (Location)

Here's where you can find the Soul Spark Cylinder in Remnant 2.

Collecting the Soul Spark Cylinder is a task completed through exploration in Remnant 2. Finding this quest item is necessary as it can prevent the Drzyr Race from going extinct. The mysterious voice that gives you this quest in N’Erud leaves you with no clue after all. So finding the Soul Sparks is indeed a difficult job in Remnant 2. But to make things simpler, here’s the location for the Soul Spark Cylinder or Cannister.

Remnant 2 Soul Sparks Location

Soul Spark Cylinder in Remnant 2
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The Soul Spark Cylinder is found in the Eon Vault area of Remnant 2. More precisely, this item is found behind several mechanical doors inside a pyramid-like structure. Unfortunately, there’s no fixed location for this chamber as the system generates it in different locations for all players. However, you will know that you are on the right track when you reach an area with comparatively lower lighting along with dusty air.

Where To Find Soul Spark Cylinder In Remnant 2
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Once you reach any such location, look for a pyramid-like chamber. There will be yellow lights at the entrance of this chamber. So it will be hard to miss out. Once you reach there, head inside and cross the first mechanical door. Then use the round-shaped elevator to make your way into the underground bunker. After that, cross a few more mechanical doors to finally get the Soul Spark Cylinder.

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That’s where you can find the Soul Spark Cylinder in Remnant 2. Just like this quest item, there are tons of other secret weapons existing in this game. The Bolt Driver Gun, Plasma Cutter, and Rebellion Spear are a few such weapons. In case you want to unlock them, then you are free to browse through our Remnant 2 Section. We have stacked up plenty of helpful content to make your gameplay experience much smoother and easier.