House Flipper 2 Achievements List And All Hidden Trophies

Planning to get all Trophies in House Flipper 2? Here is how you can unlock all the hidden achievements.

House Flipper 2 has a total of 36 achievements for you to unlock. While you could keep playing and find them all, a better approach would be to look up a hidden trophies list. This will help you save some time and let you focus on doing tasks that will get you closer to 100% completing the game faster. So if you were in need of such a list, this guide has you covered.

House Flipper 2 Achievements List And All Trophies

All Hidden Trophies In House Flipper 2
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Thanks to the game’s Steam page for these achievements list. You can check out the game here.

  • First steps – It’s just the beginning.
  • Trick shot – Throw a trash bag into a bin 3 times in a row.
  • Hello? – Catch up with an old friend.
  • It ain’t that easy – Someone’s trash isn’t always another’s treasure.
  • As instructed – Assemble 1 item.
  • Charming talker – It’s good to know who you work for.
  • Fully prepared – Unlock all tools in Story Mode.
  • Work smart, not hard – Who said an outdoor bin has to be outside?
  • Everything matches – Use the Flipper tool to copy and paste the item style 5 times.
  • Business is booming – House flipping at its finest.
  • Pinnacove Suburbs – No job in the suburbs can be left unfinished.
  • House hoarder – I keep them out of sentiment.
  • You did it! – And that’s the whole story.
  • Change of mind – This color looked better in the store.
  • Coralroot Forest – A job can’t hide even in the deepest forest.
  • Crayfish Coast – Everything on the coast seems more fun, even jobs!
  • Change of environment – Why sell a house when you can move in?
  • That was a lot – No stain can hide from you.
  • I’m grateful – Find Reva’s lost journal.
  • Millionaire – Earn your first 1,000,000.
  • Money sink – Spend your first 1,000,000.
  • I’m an architect! – Building from the ground up is so much fun.
  • Don’t try this at home! – Spray an electrical outlet while cleaning.
  • Déjà vu – This job looks very familiar…
  • Custom PC cooling – Put a laptop in the fridge.
  • Tinkerer – You really love assembling items, don’t you?
  • They come and they go – Sell 5 houses.
  • The Fast and the Cleanest – Finish a job in less than 5 minutes.
  • Marathon runner – Cover a distance of 42 km.
  • Bullseye – Throw a trash bag into a bin from 10 m.
  • Full control – Connect 20 items to 1 switch and turn it on.
  • The tables have turned – Someone has to make a mess for someone else to clean.
  • With great power… – Unlock all perks.
  • Full house – How many Bessies are there?
  • Mount Everest – Cover a distance of 8848 m with a paint roller.
  • World’s Best Flipper – Unlock all achievements.

So if you want to check what is left you can always come back and refer to this achievements list for House Flipper 2. While you are here you should check out our guides for this game on how to unlock every tool, duplicate items, and change controls.