How To Unlock All Tools In House Flipper 2

Here’s how you can get access to all the Tools there are to operate in House Flipper 2.

In House Flipper 2, your main goal is to decorate and renovate the house to increase its sales value. As you know, it’s almost impossible to reimagine a house with bare hands. So you will have to make use of tools to maximize effectiveness. While in Sandbox Mode, you will have access to all the tools since the beginning. However, it is not the same while playing this game in Story Mode. That’s why, we are here to help you through it. So if you are someone who wants to unlock all the Tools in House Flipper 2, this is the right place to start.

Here’s How to Unlock All the Tools in House Flipper 2

Initially, you start with the Flipper Tool, Mop, and Trash Bag in-game. But you get your hands on the other tools by completing Jobs received via E-mails. Get started with it below:


How to unlock Vacuum Tool in House Flipper 2

To unlock Vacuum, you need to complete the “Out with the old!” Job for Emma Baker. This Job tasks you with cleaning a property so that the owner can sell it for a better price. Since the job is tough to complete with a Mop and Trash Bag, you will be given a vacuum cleaner. Once the job is completed, you will be able to use this machine in further jobs as well.

Painting and Wiring

How to unlock Painting and Wiring Tool in House Flipper 2

As you keep on completing Jobs, you will get the “Adding a café to my bookshop” job from Jane Ouattara. Consider this mission as a tutorial wherein you will learn to paint and set up wiring lights. Soon after completing this mission, you will get access to these tools in other missions.

Surface Finishes

How to unlock Surface Finishes Tool in House Flipper 2

This tool will help you tons in enhancing the house’s beauty as it allows you to add floors, tiles, wallpapers, and all other textures on a surface. To get this tool for all other missions, you need to complete the “New walls, new me” Job for Mark Pescini.

Demolishing and Building

How To Unlock Every Tool In House Flipper 2

Lastly, there are Demolishing and Building Tools that you will need to change the landscape of the house. You will get access to these tools soon after completing the “A floor plan to change” job for David Hoffman. While using these tools, be mindful. As one wrong smash in the wall can prove to be expensive.

After unlocking a Tool, it becomes available in your Tool Wheel. So you can equip any Tool of your choice from there.

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