How To Duplicate Items And Styles In House Flipper 2

Here’s what you need to do for Duplicating Items and Styles in House Flipper 2.

In House Flipper 2, your main objective is to renovate and decorate a house to increase its sales value. It is up to you how well you display your creativity with the help of a Flipper Tool, otherwise known as an Architect Tool. While decorating and furnishing a house, you can place several objects of the same type. But you won’t necessarily have the time to purchase and place it. That’s why, you need to duplicate items, and if needed, you can copy the style or finishes in House Flipper 2 as well. That said, let’s take a look at how you can do so.

Here’s How to Duplicate Items in House Flipper 2

To duplicate items in House Flipper 2, you must first unlock the ‘Like two drops of water’ perk. Make sure you have a Perk Point as you will need it to unlock the mentioned perk. Once you have it, go over to the Perks section and unlock it from the Flipper Tool tab.

How To Duplicate Items House in Flipper 2

After unlocking this perk, pull out your Flipper Tool and press the ‘R’ button. Next, select the Duplicate option from the wheel to equip it. Now aim at any item and click on it to create its duplicate. Keep in mind that while creating a duplicate, you will have to pay the price of that item. For instance, if you are duplicating a cup, then you will have to pay 3 coins for that.

One important thing to note here is that this method does not work while duplicating a surface style or finish. To do that, you will have to get a different perk which we have mentioned below.

How to Copy Style and Finishes in House Flipper 2

How to Copy Style and Finishes in House Flipper 2

To copy an item style or finish, you must unlock the ‘Trendsetter‘ perk in House Flipper 2. This perk is available in the Flipper Tool’s perk section as well. Upon unlocking this perk, bring out the Flipper Tool and equip the Copy option from the wheel. After that, click on any style you want to copy in your house.

That’s how you can duplicate items and copy styles in House Flipper 2. For more content like this, be sure to stay connected with Gamer Tweak.