Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: May Queen Quest Guide

Learn how to complete the May Queen quest in AC Valhalla

The May Queen Quest in AC Valhalla is probably one of the more hilarious challenges that you will face as part of the Ostara Festival that is up on AC Valhalla right now. The challenge is light-hearted and one that even the bravest Viking can have a hearty laugh at. It is moments such as this that showcases the thought and emotions poured into games like Assassin’s Creed. Find out how to kill an unforeseen beast and complete this quest successfully by scrolling below. Spoilers ahead! Proceed at your own risk. May Odin give you strength!

How to complete the May Queen Quest in AC Valhalla

Complete May Queen quest AC Valhalla
Get the Crown for Mayda and complete the May Queen quest.

To complete the May Queen quest in AC Valhalla follow these steps:

  • Interact with Mayda and receive the request for a special crown made from a beast.
  • Travel to Venonis, the stomping grounds of this beast, just outside of the settlement in Ledecestrescire.
  • Search for the carcass of a dead bear.
  • Follow the trail of blood until you come across a man standing on a rock.
  • Interact with the man to learn about the beast.
  • Fight the beast and kill it.
  • Get the Crown made after you have killed the beast.
  • Hand it over to Mayda.
  • You will earn 140 Tokens.
  • This will complete the May Queen quest.

Now for the funny part. When Mayda talks about the beast she mentions a deadly creature that is killing wildlife. When Eivor does reach the location he sees that the bear is badly mutilated by a creature that has sharp talons. As he follows the blood trail and reaches the man on the rock he understands that the beast is actually a Rooster. The Rooster seems to have developed a bloodlust all of a sudden after protecting the villager from the bear. When Eivor takes the crown back to Mayda he explains the encounter as very dangerous and exaggerates wildly.

This is everything you need to know about How to complete the May Queen Quest in AC Valhalla. While you are here look at the Spiritual Defense quest as well as learn about how to earn Ostara Festive tokens.