AC Valhalla Spiritual Defense Guide – How To Complete

Here's how to complete the Spiritual Defense quest in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Find and light 8 Firepits and Banish the Spirits.

The Ostara Festival is here in the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and along with it, it also brings new quests to complete. One such quest is Spiritual Defense where you have to deal with spirits to save the Raven clan. Basically, Alvis needs Eivor’s help to protect Ravensthorpe from evil spirits. How to complete this Ostara Festival Spiritual Defense quest in AC Valhalla? Get all the steps here.

Spiritual Defense Quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Ostara Festival)

Keep reading to know where to begin this quest, what does Find and Light the firepits mean and all the firepit locations you need to complete Spiritual Defense in AC Valhalla.

Where to Start Spiritual Defense Quest

You need to head to the north eastern section of Ravensthorpe to begin the Spiritual Defense quest. Players will find this Quest under Quests > Ostara Festival. Go right near the water and find Ake at night and understand more about what you need to do there to protect the people from evil spirits. If you have reached the location during day time, just meditate until night falls. Meditation will pass time quickly.

firepit location 1

Find and Light Firepits AC Valhalla

You have to set up a proper defense to make sure that the evil spirits stay away. For that, you must Find and Light 8 Firepits in the Ravensthorpe area. Use your torch to light them up. Simply go near a Firepit and throw it using the prompt shown on the screen. Or you could interact with the firepit to make it happen as well. As you light up Firepits, the number will get updated on the top left section of the screen.

Find and Light Firepits AC Valhalla

All 8 Firepit Locations

Once you talk to Ake, you will see that the first firepit is nearby. After you light it up, the other 7 firepit locations will be marked on the map. Check out all 8 Firepit locations in the map below. All you have to do now is follow the markers, find the locations and light them all up. Don’t forget to use your Raven and Odin Sight to guide the way.

All 8 Firepit Locations Valhalla

In case you don’t see the map markers on your map, you can make use of the image above to go to those locations and find the firepits. What to do after you have lit all the Firepits? You have to return to Ake to start the next step of the quest.

How to Banish the Spirits in AC Valhalla Spiritual Defense

After speaking to Ake and telling him that all firepits have been lit around Ravensthorpe, he will ask to follow you to the forest. He will explain how to “draw out any spirits that have crossed into our world” and destroy them. Note that you must perform this ritual at night so go ahead and meditate if it’s day time.

Next, you must interact with the wooden totem to summon the spirits. There will be multiple Bear spirits who will charge at you. Take them down and talk to Ake. When you banish the spirits, you will complete the Spiritual Defense Quest in AC Valhalla.

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