How To Pass Time In AC Valhalla (Meditation)

Don't want to keep waiting around until day turns to night and vice versa? Use this trick to skip time easily.

On many occasions, you may need to do something at a particular time of the day. But how to skip time and move ahead? Is there a way you can do this in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Yes, there is! You can meditate to pass time in AC Valhalla and here’s how it works.

AC Valhalla: How to Meditate to Skip Time

Instead of waiting for the time of the day to change for you to complete your quest, you can skip or pass time in AC Valhalla by Meditating. There is a similar mechanic in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Witcher, so if you’ve played those games, you know how it works. To begin meditation, you have to hold down on the D-pad. On the menu that pops up, choose the Meditate icon which is indicated by a person is the iconic meditation pose. On the keyboard, you need to hold K to start meditation.


But you don’t get to choose the exact time of the day that appears after meditation. It will skip time and show you the day or night whichever comes next. It’s a much simpler way to do it and you don’t have to bother with timings in this case.

Hence, whenever you come across a quest where you have to visit a location during the day or night, don’t keep waiting – simply meditate, pass time and continue your journey quickly. When you enter meditation mode, Eivor will kneel on the surface and the camera will rotate around him or her while also switching the time of the day. It’s quite a well-done transition!

This is how to pass time in AC Valhalla using the power of Meditation. We’ve got more such quick guides on Gamer Tweak that will help you advance in your journey as Eivor, the Viking! Keep reading about how to raise Charisma level by winning Flyting Duels, tips to defeat Kjotve the Cruel and how to Dual Wield weapons & shields.