Minecraft 1.20 Compatible Shaders & Texture Packs Download

Minecraft 1.20 has released and the Trails and Tales update brings new mobs (Camels), Cherry Blossom biome, archeology, armor trims, and more. As it is with every update, some mods or shaders/texture packs may become incompatible with the base game which will require the devs to release a new build. That may take some time, but if you use BSL shaders, Faithful, Sodium, Iris, and more, find out if Minecraft 1.20 is compatible with them or not.

Minecraft 1.20 Compatible Mods, Shaders & Texture Packs

Is BSL Shaders Shaderpack Compatible with version 1.20?

  • While CaptTatsu’s BSL Shaders pack is compatible with version 1.19.4, the same build is also compatible with the latest version 1.20 and you can download it here. Players can experience ambient occlusion, cinematic look, depth of field, glowing effect to ore blocks, customization features, atmospheric sky, and more realistic look to the vanilla game.

Is Faithful Shader Pack Compatible with Minecraft 1.20?

  • Faithful Texture pack has been tested and the resource pack works well with Minecraft 1.20. So if you like to play the game with HD graphics, realistic shadows and more options to make the game look beautiful, download it from here.

Is Iris Shaders Mod Compatible with version 1.20?

iris shaders mod pack 1.20

  • The developers have released the Iris Shaders 1.20 version that you can download from github.

Is Sodium Compatible with Minecraft 1.20?

  • Sodium is an extremely popular Modern Rendering Engine And Client-side Optimization Mod and luckily, it has been updated for the game’s version 1.20. You can download the jar file from here. The Iris Shaders mod has dependencies with Sodium.

Is Lunar Client Modpack Compatible with Minecraft 1.20?

minecraft 1.20 lunar client

Note: This information has been collected from the official pages of the texture packs. We have not tested them personally.

And that’s all the updates regarding various mods and shader packs with the latest Minecraft update. We will be covering all about it in our Minecraft guides section, so check out our dedicated category to know more. For example, here are some of the most popular mods that you need to know about!

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