How To Find Minecraft Cherry Grove Biome

Here's how to find the Cherry Blossom Grove Biome in Minecraft.

The latest 1.20 update has introduced a new Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft. As delightful it is to watch pink blossoming petals in real life, you won’t be disappointed by the sandbox version of it. So, where can you actually find the Cherry Blossom Trees in Minecraft 1.20? Since there is no tutorial explaining how to find it, here’s how you can find this region.

How to Find the Cherry Blossom Trees in Minecraft

How to Find the Cherry Blossom in Minecraft

Here’s what can you do to find the Cherry Blossom Grove biome:


If you have plenty of time to spare, you can choose the most basic method of exploration. You can wander across the world from biomes to biomes in search of Cherry Blossom Trees in Minecraft. However, make sure your graphic settings are properly adjusted. Just check that even the farthest locations or biomes render quickly. This is because you can easily spot a mountain with pink trees from far away.

Location Commands

Luckily, we can use the Commands to find out the coordinates of a Biome in a cheat-enabled world. For those who don’t know, you can enter Commands in the chat box. To find the nearest Cherry Grove in Minecraft, enter the Command – /locate biome cherry_grove in the chat box. It will then reveal the coordinates of the nearest Cherry Grove region for you. You can then head toward those coordinates to finally get your hands on the Cherry Blossom Trees in Minecraft.

Besides, Bees, Rabbits, Sheep, Pigs, etc, there are 2 new Mobs that are debuting. The Sniffer and Camel can now be found in Minecraft with the launch of update 1.20.

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That covers everything on how to find Cherry Grove in Minecraft. While you are here, make sure to check out our other guide about the Sniffer’s Location in Minecraft. Moreover, you can also check out our Minecraft Category for more such content