Minecraft: What Is Cherry Wood? (Explained)

Excited about the newest biome and its pink colored trees? Here's everything to know about the Cherry Blossom Wood in Minecraft.

With the launch of update 1.20, a plethora of unique items, mobs, trees, and content has been added to Minecraft. One of these includes the new Cherry Blossom biome in the recent update. As you explore its beauty, you will also find the Cherry Blossom wood around the biome. Speaking of which, several players are batting their eyes at the beautiful Cherry wood. But can you obtain or find this wood type across the biome? Check out our guide to find out everything about Cherry Wood in Minecraft update 1.20.

What is Cherry Wood in Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, Cherry Blossom wood, or simply Cherry Wood is the newest type of wood added to Minecraft update 1.20. This type of wood can be dropped from the Cherry Blossom trees. You can find Cherry Trees across the Cherry Blossom Grove biomes in Minecraft. These biomes are usually located close to snowy mountains and hills. Due to their bright pink color, you can easily spot these trees from a distance.

cherry wood in minecraft

These types of trees come in two variants which are the Pink and White Cherry trees. You can harvest the cherry tree saplings to plant at your preferable location. But note that these trees require a 5×5 area with 9 blocks above its sapling to grow.

How to Use Them

The Cherry Blossom trees drop the Cherry wood which can be used for numerous purposes in Minecraft. Similar to most types of Wood, you can use Cherry wood to decorate your houses. But along with that, you can also use the Cherry Wood to get or craft the following items:

  • Cherry Leaves: You can craft it using the Shears tool.
  • Cherry Log: You can craft it by using any tool including Hands.
  • Cherry Planks: You can craft these planks by placing a Cherry Log in the crafting grid on your inventory.
  • Cherry Sapling: You can break the leaves to obtain their sapling.
  • Stripped Cherry Log: You can craft the log using an axe on the Cherry log
  • Trapdoor: You can craft it by placing two adjacent rows with Cherry Planks.
  • Hanging Sign: You can craft it by placing two rows of Stripped Cherry logs and putting two chains on top of them.
  • Sign: You can craft it by placing two adjacent rows of Cherry Planks and putting a stick between them in the middle.
  • Bee Nest Farms

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