Best Shield Enchantments In Minecraft

Take a look at the best shield enchantments to equip in Minecraft.

Minecraft at its core is about survival. The player must use what they find in their environment to build and survive till the next morning. Enchantments too play a crucial role as you progress further in the game. While you can add enchantments to all your armor and weapons, we think you might have missed out on the best shield enchantments you can use in Minecraft.

Best Shield enchantments in Minecraft

best shield enchantments Minecraft

These are the two best shield enchantments you can equip your shield.

  • Mending I – This enchantment gives durability to your shield by repairing it with the use of experience orbs that drop from activities like mining, fishing, etc. Mending can be acquired in Chest loots, fishing, strongholds, or through trading with a librarian. Mending I is essential to keep your shield in good shape.
  • Unbreaking III – Unbreaking is a defensive enchantment based on chance. When equipped, it allows the enchanted item to avoid any damage to its durability stats. All three levels of Unbreaking can be crafted on the enchanting table or by trading with a village librarian.

Combine both of these enchantments to get the most durability out of your shield.

Shield tips and tricks

Shields provide great cover against arrows, swords, zombies, and other mob-type enemies. The Axe is the only weapon in the game that can completely nullify the shield. If the player tries to block a hit from an axe of any type, the hit will disable the player’s shield and leave them exposed. Shields are also a great tool to use during raids as they can block knockback and other attacks from Ravagers. As this enemy type is usually difficult to deal with, a solid shield can give you an advantage with its ability to absorb the hits.

That’s all the information we have on Minecraft Shields. Check out our list of the Best Enchantments in Minecraft and other Minecraft-related guides here on Gamer Tweak.