How To Get A Camel In Minecraft

Vedant Shanbhag
3 Min Read

Minecraft has always been a place full of possibilities. You can hunt, collect, craft, and build whatever your heart desires. The game remains fresh even after 10 years since its release thanks to regular updates. The most recent of these updates adds a delightful new mob to the game, Camels. These cute mammals have made quite an impact on the player base with their charming demeanor and upbeat personality. Let’s look at how to get a Camel and other camel-related facts in Minecraft.

How to Get a Camel in Minecraft

minecraft how to get a camel

True to real-life Camels, Minecraft Camels can only be found in the Desert biome. Players will have to trek across the vast deserts of the game and look for small herds of camels that roam near Desert villages. These villages are few and far in between long stretches of the Desert, but the flat terrain should make things a little easy.

Once you find a Camel you can ride it like you would a horse. Players can craft a saddle to use on their Camel while they ride. This will give you control over where and how fast the Camel Moves. A special ability of the Camel is that it can carry two people at once. Tell your friend to find or craft their own saddle and hope on the camel for those long journeys across biomes.

Camels have a very low spawn rate, so the best way to collect more is through breeding. Just like other mods that can be bred, the Camel also have need specific food to breed. Camels can be bred with the use of Cactus, these can be found all over the Desert. Get two of your Camels in the same area, click on them with a Cactus, and watch as a new baby Camel appears. Camels have a relatively low cooldown breeding rate of 5 minutes so you can carry out this process and collect all the Camels you need.

They also have a few unique features that make them a great mob to have. Camels are the 3 blocks tall, meaning when you ride one you’ll be safe from the reach of Zombies. They also have a unique Dash that can be used to jump over ravines and small lakes. Killing them will not give you any meat or leather so there is no point in harming these adorable pets.

That’s all we have on how to get a Camel in Minecraft. For more tips check out Where to get Skeleton Horse and other Minecraft guides here on Gamer Tweak.