Splatoon 3 XP Farming: How To Level Up Fast

Here is everything that you should know about XP farming in Splatoon 3.

Many Splatoon 3 players are looking for XP Farming methods to level up fast. In case you are wondering why you would want to level up then one of the many reasons is to get better weapons. And as you level up you also get access to better gear. But with a few tricks, you can speed up the process of getting XP. So in this guide let us check how to level up fast in Splatoon 3 and the best farming methods to earn XP quickly.

How to Level Up in Splatoon 3 (XP Farming Guide)

how to level up fast in splatoon 3

There are essentially only two ways to level up in Splatoon 3 both of which require you to grind. And that is by either playing Turf battles or by playing Anarchy battles. Anarchy battles are the ranked mode of this game. As for Turf battles, these are more like casual matches. So no matter which mode you choose to play you will eventually be grinding. But here is how you can speed up the process to get XP for you.

Using Food Items in Turf Battles

You can buy different food items from the Staff member at Crab and Go. You can use these food items to get more money or get more XP. Here are the food items you should buy for getting more XP:

  • The Pescatariat: This is a 1.5x Multiplier. It increases the battle XP you get by 50%.
  • The Pescatariat Royale: It is a 2x Multiplier. Use it to double the XP you earn in battle.
  • Marigold’s Garden Greens: This is also a 2x Multiplier. But instead of only doubling your XP it doubles the battle XP for every teammate.

You can buy these using Food Tickets. One thing you should remember is to not use them in private matches. They are only useful when used in Turf battles.

Although if you are out of food tickets, then you can still play turf battles to grind on XP. The only minor issue would be that the XP you earn will be lesser than that of what you would have earned while using multiplier foods.

Playing Anarchy Battles

As mentioned previously, Anarchy Battles are the ranked mode of this game. So people will tend to play these battles much more seriously than turf battles. But that only means winning these battles will also grant you more XP than you could normally get. So if you don’t mind things getting competitive then start climbing those ranks and watch how the XP flows in.

That covers this farming guide on how to get XP to level up fast in Splatoon 3. If you are interested in learning more about this game then you should also check these guides on how to get a bigger locker, draw art posts, and get Sheldon Licenses.