Splatoon 3 Cash: Best Ways To Earn Money Fast (Farming Guide)

Here is how you can quickly earn cash in Splatoon 3.

While playing Splatoon 3, you will want to earn yourself as much money as fast as possible. This is because cash is the primary currency you spend for buying various gears in the game. And while you can earn money by just playing the game, knowing a few tricks can help speed up the process. So in this farming guide let us check how to get cash quickly in Splatoon 3.

How to Get Money Fast in Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 how to get money fast

Here are the best ways and the order in which you should do them, that let you get the most money in Splatoon 3. There are mainly 3 ways to earn money in this game and that is by playing the different game modes. These are:

  • Turf Battles
  • Anarchy Battles
  • Salmon Runs

Eating Multiplier foods before Turf battles

You should buy multiplier foods and use from the Store Lobby before starting a turf battle. These are some of the food items that multiply the coins you earn:

  • Crab Trap Sandwich: It is a 1.5x Multiplier. This sandwich increases the battle cash you earn by 50%.
  • Commercial Crab Trap Sandwich: It is a 2x Multiplier. This sandwich doubles the cash you earn in battle.
  • Mega Mountain a la Marigold: This is a 2x Multiplier. It doubles the battle cash for the entire team.

You can buy these food items in exchange for food tickets. Do remember you should use them for Turf battles or Anarchy battles. These foods won’t have any effect in private matches so you shouldn’t waste them there.

Doing Turf battles

No matter whether you have Multiplier foods or not Turf battles are still a good way to earn money fast in this game. Sure you cannot deny that food multipliers are important. But if you don’t have them you can still do turf battles and earn as much cash as you can in Splatoon 3 by battling repeatedly.

Winning Anarchy Battles – Earn Money Fast in Splatoon 3

Winning here is important and not just completing Anarchy battles. The reason is when you win you get a lot more cash. But you only get a small amount of cash upon losing Anarchy battles. So this is another way to farm money fast in this game.

Salmon Runs

This is last on this list mainly because you can’t play it from the beginning. You need to be level 4 to unlock this mode. Salmon run doesn’t directly reward you with money rather it gives you reward capsules. These reward capsules on the other hand can give you a lot of money. But there are two catches here.

  • You can only earn a maximum of 1200 points in Salmon Runs and then you will have to wait for it to reset. So one of the things you should do is complete salmon runs within 2 days.
  • The second reason is connected to the first, as it takes 2 days for the Salmon Runs points to reset.

That covers this guide on the best farming method to earn cash fast in Splatoon 3. If you want to learn about another currency in this game then I suggest you also check our guide on how to get Sheldon Tickets in Splatoon 3.