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How To Get & Use Sheldon Licenses In Splatoon 3

Here is everything you must know about the Sheldon Licenses in Splatoon 3.

In Splatoon 3 if you want to try out the different weapons you will need to get yourself some Sheldon Licenses. This is a type of currency that lets you buy weapons. But many players are confused about how to earn it. So in this guide let us quickly check how to earn Sheldon Tickets in Splatoon 3 and how to use them.

How to Get Sheldon Licenses in Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 get and use sheldon tickets

There are two main ways to obtain Sheldon Tickets in this game.

  • By Leveling Up
  • Using the Same Weapon

Here is what you need to do:

Leveling Up to Get Sheldon Tickets

leveling up to get sheldon tickets

In Splatoon 3, as you keep battling, you also increase your level. And each time you level up you get 1 Sheldon License. Thus in order to get more Licenses, you need to battle more often as it will allow you to level up faster. What is good about this method is not only do you get Sheldon tickets by leveling up, but you also earn points. And you can then use these points to customize your Splashtags.

Using the Same Weapon

using the same weapon

Splatoon 3 rewards the players for sticking to one weapon. The more you use the same weapon in a battle the faster you can increase its stars. Each time you get a star for a weapon you also get a Sheldon License with it. So while it is good to try out new weapons, once you find the one you like try using it more frequently.

How to Use Sheldon Licenses

how to use sheldon licenses in splatoon 3

You can use Sheldon Licenses to purchase weapons from Sheldon, the owner of Ammo Knights.

  1. Go to Ammo Knights.
  2. Look for the Weapon that you wish to purchase.
  3. The earlier weapons cost 1 Sheldon License per weapon.
  4. Select the weapon that you like and press A.
  5. This will bring up a popup that shows you information about the weapon like its Range, Damage, Mobility, and the points needed for Special.
  6. Click on the Exchange button to buy the weapon in exchange for Sheldon Tickets.

Another handy tip, you can buy over-leveled weapons from Sheldon but you will have to exchange more Licenses than usual.

That covers this guide on how to get Sheldon Licenses in Splatoon 3 and how to use these tickets. Speaking of tickets you should also check our guide on how to get food tickets in Splatoon 3.