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Diablo Immortal: All World Bosses Locations

Check out our guide on the all the locations of the world bosses in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG that revolves around the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. As you progress, you grind on a plethora of activities that don’t end. While exploring the world of Nephalem, you will encounter different bosses during activities. World bosses are one of these bosses that spawn under specific conditions. You might need to invite some of your friends to take them down. But where to find these bosses? Check out our guide on all the locations of the world boss in Diablo Immortal.

All Locations of the World Boss in Diablo Immortal


World bosses can be found in the zone events of the Sanctuary. But there are some prerequisites to spawn these bosses. So, here are the locations of all the world bosses:

diablo immortal world bosses locations

Blood Rose


You can find this world boss located in the Darkwood in Purify the Corruption Zone event. Blood Rose is located to the extreme west of the Dark Wood as you pass through the Sanguine ruins. If this boss has spawned near this area, will find a colored icon on the map. If it doesn’t spawn, you need to wait for 20 minutes for it to spawn. That’s because it has a cooldown period of 20 minutes for spawning.

While defeating this world boss is not an objective, it can help you speed up the progression of the Zone event. Check out our guide on the location of Blood Rose and how to defeat it for more insight.

Sandstone Golem


You need to travel to Kulle’s hidden Chambers Zone event to get to this world boss. You can find the Sandstone Golem at the Library of the Zolten Kulle. Unlike the previous boss, you need to summon this world boss to defeat him. As you head over to the Library, you need to find Five Lost pages to generate a portal. Once you collect lost pages, it will transform into a portal tome. Then, you can use the Portal tome to summon the world boss.

As you summon this boss, all the players in that zone will be notified to defeat this boss. Similarly, if any player summons the boss, you will be notified to defeat him. Upon generating a portal, there’s a possibility of encountering another world boss, Fleshcraft Hydra. Any of these bosses can spawn when you summon a portal tome.

You can check out our guide on how to find and summon the Sandstone Golem for more insight.


Fleshcraft Hydra

As mentioned earlier, you can find this world boss at the same location. We suggest stacking up the Lost Pages to generate more portal tomes. Be it Sandstone Golem or Fleshcraft Hydra, you need a big party of players to defeat them.

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