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Diablo Immortal Town Portal – How To Use To Teleport

Here's how to open, activate and use Town portal in Diablo Immortal to teleport from your location to Westmarch or Nearest Safe Zone.

Traversing through the lands in this game can be time-consuming, but you can significantly reduce the time taken by fast traveling and teleporting to locations. This is where Town Portals in Diablo Immortal come in. Let’s take a look at how and when to use them.

How to Use the Town Portal in Diablo Immortal?


town portal on map

  • After you have spoken to Cain and gained access to the World map, tap on the minimap at the top right of the screen. This will be your Zone Map, and at the bottom right, you will see the blue Town Portal icon.

town portal from inventory


  • Apart from this, you can also open the Inventory and tap on the blue icon present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once you click on this blue button, click on the one of the options to get teleported there. For example, from the options shown, you can either head to Westmarch or the Nearest Safe Zone. Click on the latter if you wish to head back to a safe location that’s closest to where you currently are on the map.
  • A blue portal ring will appear in the game and you have to interact with it to use it. A blue bar will get filled up in a few seconds and you will be teleported.
  • Note that players should have unlocked the Level 12 to get access to the Town Portal teleportation ability.
  • While playing, one of the main quests City of the Light requires you to open a portal to Westmarch.
  • Town Portals are different from Waypoints. Waypoints have to be discovered and activated. And then you can teleport from one location to other via these Waypoints. You don’t need any special item for this and we’ve explained the process to fast travel right here in this guide.

Can you Teleport from Anywhere?

No, you cannot teleport from dangerous locations such as Dungeons, Hidden Lairs, Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts but other than that, you can create a Town Portal and go back to safe zones.


Now that you know how to use the Town Portal in Diablo Immortal, find out how to turn on auto navigation and auto pick up loot as well.