Monopoly Go Winter Wonderland Event Rewards

Reach the Monopoly GO Winter Wonderland milestones and get exciting rewards.

Monopoly GO Winter Wonderland is here, and it has brought thousands of Dice Rolls, Cash, Heartfelt Sticker Packs, and several bonuses. As you progress through the milestones you will collect rewards that will help you jump the boards within a short time. At present, the event is lasting for 2 days, ending on December 17, 2023, at 7 AM PT. So, check out this list of milestones and grab all the rewards it is offering.

It is simultaneously taking place with the Santa’s Sprint and Gift Partners events, so you will also get its Puzzle Pieces with milestones.

All Monopoly GO Winter Wonderland Milestones & Rewards List

Winter Wonderland Monopoly GO
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These are the 49 milestones & rewards you get from it:

MilestonesSnowflake TokensRewards
1570 Puzzle Piece Tokens
2520 Free Dice Rolls
351-Star Green Sticker Pack
41080 Puzzle Piece Tokens
545120 Free Dice Rolls
65120 Puzzle Piece Tokens
71010-minute Cash Grab
8151-Star Green Sticker Pack
910150 Puzzle Piece Tokens
10120250 Free Dice Rolls
12201-Star Green Sticker Pack
1320180 Puzzle Piece Tokens
15200375 Free Dice Rolls
16405-minute Cash Boost
17302-Star Orange Sticker Pack
1940210 Puzzle Piece Tokens
20400700 Free Dice Rolls
214510-minute High Roller
2250230 Puzzle Piece Tokens
24553-Star Pink Sticker Pack
257501,200 Free Dice Rolls
27604-Star Blue Sticker Pack
2865250 Puzzle Piece Tokens
2970100 Free Dice Rolls
31150270 Puzzle Piece Tokens
332004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
34225300 Puzzle Piece Tokens
351,3001,800 Free Dice Rolls
3630020-minute Rent Frenzy
38400350 Puzzle Piece Tokens
395005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
402,2003,000 Free Dice Rolls
4155020-minute High Roller
42600500 Puzzle Piece Tokens
44700800 Free Dice Rolls
46750900 Free Dice Rolls
478005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
48850650 Puzzle Piece Tokens
494,0006,500 Free Dice Rolls, 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

How “Winter Wonderland” Works in Monopoly GO

Scoring is pretty simple in this event, you just have to collect Snowflake Tokens by landing on these tiles:

  • Tax tiles (Income Tax, Luxury Tax): 3 Points
  • Utility tiles (Electric Company, Water Works): 2 Points

How to Score More Points in Winter Wonderland

To score points faster use the Multiplier, but remember it comes with the risk. If you land on these tiles, you’ll get multiplied points, and if you don’t, you will lose the Rolls. Though you can replenish Rolls with our free Dice Rolls guide, they are not unlimited, so use them accordingly. Currently, this method will prove more effective, as the Gift Partners and Santa’s Sprint are also active. Even if you don’t land on these tiles, you’ll score points for other ones.

That’s all for the Monopoly GO Winter Wonderland Event milestones and rewards list. If you found this guide and tips helpful, do check out our Monopoly GO section.