All Gift Partners Event Rewards In Monopoly GO

Here is how to play and win rewards in the Monopoly GO Gift Partners event.

Partner Events are introduced in every album season, the theme of which is dependent on the album itself. If you were waiting for this season’s event like me, then you’d be happy to know that it is here. Monopoly GO Gift Partners is the latest addition to it, and it is rewarding thousands of Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, an exclusive Player Token, and Emoji.

It will last for 5 days, ending on December 20, 2023, around 11 AM PT. For those who haven’t attempted any of the previous Partner Events, this guide will explain ways to collect the required tokens and use them.

All Monopoly GO Gift Partners Event Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO Gift Partners Event Rewards and Milestones
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There are four attractions in this event, and you have to build all of them for the Grand Prize. You and your partners will spin the wheel using the Puzzle Pieces to score points. By getting the points listed below, you’ll get these rewards:

  • 2,500 Points – 200 Free Dice Rolls
  • 7,500 Points – Cash
  • 14,000 Points – Blue Safe (250 Free Dice Rolls and Cash)
  • 26,000 Points – Pink Safe (400 Free Dice Rolls and 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack)
  • 30,000 Points – 500 Free Dice Rolls, Cash, and 5-Star Sticker Pack
  • 320,000 Points (Grand Prize) – 5,000 Free Dice Rolls, Galaxy Sticker Pack, Mr. M Bot Token and Winking Emoji

How to Collect Puzzle Pieces in Gift Partners

Collect Puzzle Pieces in Gift Partners
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  • Quick Wins: While the event is active, you will get some Puzzle Pieces from completing the daily tasks.
  • Free Shop Gift: Puzzle Pieces can be obtained from a free shop gift box. To get this box, tap on the shop icon, right below the Net Worth, and scroll right until you see the Free button. Use it to collect the gift.
  • Event: Almost all events working alongside this will give you Puzzle Pieces in some of their milestones. Currently, the Winter Wonderland is giving you what you need.
  • Tournament: Like events, tournaments will give it as a milestone reward. They are short, so none will last as long as the Gift Partners, you must hurry and collect their milestones.

Are There Any Free Puzzle Piece Links?

No, currently there aren’t any free Puzzle Piece links; some fake ones are circulating, but it is best to avoid following suspicious ones. Rather than those, you can use the free Dice links and throw Rolls to collect the pieces from tournaments and events.

How to Invite and Change Event Partners?

Invite and Change Event Partners
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Inviting a partner is simple, tap on the plus sign on the player icon of the board. It will show you all the players who have invited you and suggest others you can invite. Once you have added someone there, you cannot change or remove them, so it is suggested to accept the request of the active players only.

That’s all we have for the Monopoly GO Gift Partners event. If you found this guide and tips helpful, do check out our Monopoly GO section.