Blox Fruits Event Island Location (Santa Claws And Elf Hat)

Can’t find the Sea of Treats island in Blox Fruits? Here are its locations in all seas.

The winter update of the Blox Fruits has introduced a bunch of new items, an island, free present boxes, a subclass, and a fruit. Obtaining subclass and fruit might be difficult for some players, but getting event items like the Elf Hat and Sleigh is easier than it seems. Event NPC Santa Claws will give you these items in exchange for the exclusive currency Candy. Not sure where to get Candies and find the NPC to get hats? Here is all you need for that.

Where is the Winter Event Sea of Treats Island in Blox Fruits?

Santa Claws in Blox Fruits
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The Sea of Treats is at the North Pole of all seas. In the first sea, you will find it on the left side of the Frozen Village. In the second sea, it is near the Graveyard. The Sea of Treats is divided into the third sea, like the Forest and you have to go on the sub-island with candy canes to purchase items and get present boxes. It is visible from the Great Tree island of the sea.

Where is Santa Claws in Blox Fruits?

Santa Claws is the vendor NPC of the Sea of Treats. You will find Claws as soon as you leave the dock area of the island, standing beside the stall. It will offer to exchange event currency Candy for these three items:

  • Elf Hat: 250 Candies
  • Santa Hat: 500 Candies
  • Sleigh: 1000 Candies

What Does an Elf Hat Do in Blox Fruits?

The Elf Hat is a rare accessory that gives you 10% more damage on Melee and sword attacks and also decreases their cooldown by 5%. Additionally, it grants a 20% increase in running speed. It is the best alternative for accessories like Swordsman Hat and Warrior Helmet. We would recommend you use it in boss fights, as some of them are quite fast.

What Does Santa Hat Do in Blox Fruits?

The Santa Hat is also a rare accessory bought from the Claws. It gives you 12.5% more damage on Blox Fruits and Sword attacks, a 30% increase in running speed, 400 energy, and 400 health. This will be even better against bosses when compared to Elf Hat.

How to Get Candies in the Winter Event

Get Candies Blox Fruits
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You get Candies by defeating the enemy NPCs and bosses that are not more than 100 levels below you. It is not a rare item, but enemies wouldn’t drop it every time, and the rate of the Candies obtained from them is also not fixed. Once you have purchased the Santa Claws items, use the currency to buy the EXP multiplier from the Magic Elf and Fragments from the Greedy Elf found on the same island.

That’s all on how to find and get Santa Claws items from the Blox Fruits event island. Since you are interested in the Blox Fruits, you should check out our How to Get a Holiday Cloak guide and wear them with the Santa Hat.