How To Get A Holiday Cloak In Blox Fruits

Want to get the accessory Holiday Coat in Blox Fruits? Here is all you need to do for it.

The new Christmas event has brought a plethora of items, including fruits, subclass, and a new island. One of the most famous accessories of the last year, the Blox Fruits Holiday Cloak, is among the many items you can get from the event. Not sure how to get it and are curious to know what it does? Here is all you need to know about it, including its location, rarity, buffs, and drop rate.

How to Get an Accessory Holiday Coat in Blox Fruits

Get an Accessory Holiday Coat in Blox Fruits
Image Credit: NerfWall on YouTube

The Holiday Cloak is an event-exclusive item that you get from the gift boxes on Sea of Treats Island. There is a 3% chance of boxes dropping this item. Players need to head to the north of the map to find this new island; it is beside the Frozen Village.

Presents are given after every hour in the Sea of Treats. You have to go to the middle part of the island and look for the glowing white circle. Stand there and wait until the present box falls into the circle. You will see the time left for the next gift distribution at the top of the circle.

What Does the Blox Fruits Holiday Cloak Do?

It is a mythical-grade accessory that gives you a buff of 10% more damage on Melee and Blox Fruits attacks. Additionally, you get +1 Instinct Dodge. Since it is a luck-based item, you might obtain it before unlocking other coats and hats with similar buffs in early as well as late game stages. This all makes it the best alternative for accessories like Swordsman Hat, Tomoe Ring, and Pale Scarf.

That’s all on how to get and why you need Blox Fruits Holiday Cloak. If you found this guide interesting and useful, you should check out our Blox Fruits section to find more such items.