What Does The Sleigh Do In Blox Fruits And How To Get It

Not sure how to get and spawn Sleigh in Blox Fruits? Here is all you need to know about it.

Blox Fruits Sleigh is an event-exclusive item that you get from the Sea of Treats vendor. Unlike the Santa Hat and Elf Hat, you wouldn’t find it in your inventory after purchase. Even though it is called a Sleigh, it doesn’t exactly work like that but is quite useful for traveling.

If you haven’t bought it yet or if questions like where to find it and what it does are bothering you, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about this winter event item.

What Does the Santa Sleigh Do in Blox Fruits?

Santa Sleigh is the second-fastest boat in the Blox Fruits at the time of writing. As the fastest one requires the Game Pass, this is probably the best alternative to it. The boat has three seats, and its size is small, so avoiding attacks is easier with it.

How to Purchase and Spawn Sleigh in Blox Fruits

Purchase and Spawn Sleigh in Blox Fruits
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You purchase Sleigh from the Santa Claws of the Sea of Treats for 1000 Candies. You will find this NPC as soon as you leave the dock area of the island. Once you have bought the boat, go to the Luxury Boat Dealer on any island, and you will find this boat on the list. Purchase it using the $5000 and use it like any other boat in the game.

How to Get Candies

Candies can be obtained by killing the enemy NPCs and bosses of the game that are not more than 100 levels lower than you. Candies are not rare, but you wouldn’t get them every time you defeat an enemy, and the amount is also not fixed. It will take some time, but once you have unlocked the boat, you can aim for the other items, like the Santa Hat and the Elf Hat. Both of these will give you buffs for Sword attacks.

That’s all for what Blox Fruits Sleigh does and how to get it. If you found this interesting, you should check out other Blox Fruits guides. Start by learning about how to get a Holiday Cloak.