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Will Fortnite Work On Nintendo Switch Lite ?

Want to know whether Switch Lite can run the top battle royale game?

Nintendo recently announced a handheld version of its hybrid gaming console Switch for $199. With fixed controller and a 5.5inch Touchscreen Nintendo Switch Lite aims to target users who want gaming on the go. Nintendo Switch to is portable enough but it comes with detachable Joy-Con controller and a dock to connect with big screens. The standard edition features a 6.5inch screen with additional accessories, Switch Lite is a fixed console that does not have any detachable controllers but it does support separate Joy-Cons.

If you are wondering whether Nintendo Switch Lite can run popular battle royale game like Fortnite then we will try to find the right answer in this article. Nintendo through its official website shared vital info that claims almost all games that work on Nintendo Switch will support Switch Lite but with a condition.


Switch games with Hand-held support are the only one that will work on Switch Lite. The new portable console does not support TV and Table-Top Mode. Also, it does not have HD Rumble & IR Motion Camera. The controls of Switch Lite has some little tweaks, but that does not have much impact on the game.

Any game that has Hand-held marked on the backside of the product if you buy a physical version or if you check the game description will support Switch Lite. Fortnite will work on Switch Lite because it does support handheld mode. But it is yet pending to get an official announcement because Switch Lite is just announced.

You can view the entire catalog of Switch games here, but do check the game description and all other details to find out if they have a handheld mode or not. Or else it will not work on Switch Lite.


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