Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite – What’s The Difference?

Find what is the exact difference between both

Nintendo announced a lighter version of Nintendo Switch hybrid console Nintendo Switch Lite. So if you are looking for an exact difference between both then you are on the right page. In this article, you will learn many things about Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite. How both consoles are different, what games will work on Switch Lite and which will not? and much more details. So if you have any plans to go for Nintendo Switch Lite then read our points before buying Switch Lite console.

What Is the Difference Between Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite?

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Light
1). Joy-Con Controller Separate Integrated
2). TV Mode Yes No
3). Table Top Mode Yes No
4). Handheld Mode Yes Yes
5). HD Rumble Included Yes No
6). IR Motion Camera Included Yes No
7). Multiple Colors No Yes – Colors (Yellow, Gray & Turquoise)
8). Local Wireless Yes Yes
9). Online Play Yes Yes
11). Screen Size 6.2″ Touchscreen 5.5″ Touchscreen
12). Battery Life 2.5 to 6.5 Hours 3 to 7 Hours
13). Price $299.99 $199.99

Nintendo Switch Lite only supports those game which features Hand-held mode, you can see on the backside of the game to find details on it. Games that do not support hand-held mode requires separate Joy-Con controllers and to recharge them you will need Joy-Con Charging Grip. So here is the overall cost of Nintendo Switch with all accessories.

  1. Nintendo Switch Lite – $199.99
  2. Joy-Con Controller – $79.99
  3. Joy-Con Controller Charging Grip – $24.97 (Gamestop price)

Total Price – $304.95, why not to go for Nintendo Switch for $299.99?

Nintendo Switch Lite is ideal for those who require something a lot more portable, fixed controllers, a little different key compared to Switch makes Switch Lite a unique portable platform for fast movers. However, if I have to buy separate Joy-con controllers + the charging grip I will prefer to stick with the full-size console.