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Why Is Everyone Playing Rust? Here’s Why Rust Is So Popular Right Now

Find out why everyone is playing Rust and why it is so popular right now in the gaming world.

Rust, a survival game by Facepunch Studios, was released in early access in 2013 and fully released in 2018. But now, it has earned $1 million on Steam twice in a week which is mind-boggling. It’s natural that gamers are wondering – why is everyone playing Rust again? Why now? If you want to know why Rust is so popular right now, we’ll explain it in this article.

Why is Rust So Popular right Now?



There are multiple reasons why Rust is so popular right now.

  • It’s a multiplayer survival game that is exciting to play.
  • Many Top Streamers are playing Rust right now giving it a great popularity boom.


The fact that it is a multiplayer-only survival game is one of the main reasons behind its success. Since other players will also have to survive, they can find you, steal your items and also kill you. But if you end up making friends, then you all can survive together.

Apart from that, nature won’t be so nice to you because there are dangerous creatures lurking around. You can starve to death or get too much radiation too. That’s what makes it fun for survival enthusiasts because it adds a different level of danger in the game. Another thing to note is that the map is procedurally generated and players have to use their survival skills to find resources, craft items and stay alive. It’s not the only survival game in the market but it has struck a chord with players which is giving it an edge in the gaming world currently.

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Due to the top-level streamers who are making it even more popular online, the game’s player count has doubled from its previous high player count which was set only four days before. Rust’s fame can be attributed to streamers like Shroud, Pokimane, Myth, Disguised Toast to name a few. With more than a million viewers, it’s safe to say that Rust is turning out to be the next Among Us.

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So, that’s pretty much the answer to why is everyone playing Rust and why Rust is so popular right now. If you are already playing the game, we’ve got some guides for you that will help your struggle to survive. Here are some tips to craft better equipment, how to low grade fuel and what is the Date and Time of Rust Server Reset?